What are the dimensions of a steel I-beam?

Steel I-Beam Sizes (Wide Flange)

W 24 x 94 24.1 27.7
W 24 x 84 24.1 24.7
W 24 x 76 23.9 22.4
W 24 x 68 23.7 20.1
W 24 x 62 23.7 18.2

What size is a W8x24 steel beam?

Wide Flange Beam Specifications Chart

W8x24 24 7.93
W8x28 28 8.06
W8x31 31 8
W8x35 35 8.12

How wide is a W24 beam?

W Beam Dimensions

Section number Wt. Per foot (lbs) Dimensions
W24 146 24 3/4
162 25
W27 84 26 3/4

How do you measure a wide flange beam?

Wide flange beams are designated by the letter W followed by the nminal depth in inches and the weight in pounds per foot. Thus W12 × 19 designates a wide flange beam with a depth of 12 inches and a nominal weight of 19 pounds per foot.

How far can a 12 inch steel I beam span?

You can get a tall enough steel I-beam that will span 25 feet with no columns. When supporting joists that span 12 feet with no overhang beyond the beam, a double ply beam can span in feet a value equal to its depth in inches.

How far can a 12 inch steel I-beam span?

What size steel beam do I Need?

You can use a W10x26 (50 ksi) steel beam. The beam is 5.75” wide, 10.375” deep, and it weighs 26 pounds per linear foot. You can use 3” diameter steel, schedule 40, standard pipes for supports. You could also use a 3-1/2” x 18” Versa-Lam 2.0 3100 SP or DF.

What are common wide-flange beam sizes?

The standard method for specifying the dimensions of a American Wide Flange Beam is for example W 310 x 250 x 79, which is 310 mm deep, 250 mm wide and with a weight of 79 kg/m.

What are the sizes of steel beams?

A residential steel beam is very common in most homes. Most are 8 inches tall, but 10 or 12-inch-high beams allow you to span greater distances with fewer pesky columns.

What size are beams?

The standard size of beam is 230 mm x 300mm (9″x12″), which is usually used in many of the residential building.