What does a laryngeal massage do?

Laryngeal massage is a manual technique to facilitate reduction and elimination of tension in the laryngeal muscles to permit normal movement and vibration of the vocal folds and maximize vocal fold opening for breathing.

What is laryngeal manual therapy?

What is manual therapy? Manual therapy is an approach used to release tension around the larynx and restore functionality. We use several techniques, customizing the care to the problems that are identified. This may include myofascial release, manual adjustment, and massage according to the needs of the patient.

Is muscle tension dysphonia disability?

SD can be considered a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Many individuals with voice disorders may not realize that their conditions can be classified as a disability under the law, entitling them to workplace accommodations and time off to pursue medical treatment.

Does depression change your voice?

When someone is depressed, their range of pitch and volume drop, so they tend to speak lower, flatter and softer. Speech also sounds labored, with more pauses, starts and stops. Another key indicator is the tension or relaxation of the vocal cords, which can make speech sound strained or breathy.

How do you relax your vocal cords?

Sit in a position that allows your neck & shoulders to relax but keep your back straight. Breathe in gently through the nose. Stick your tongue out of your mouth, past the teeth & lower lip, in preparation to exhale. This forward stretch of the tongue helps to open the airway at the vocal cords.

What kind of massage do I need for my larynx?

For example: digital laryngeal massage, laryngeal massage voice therapy, circumlaryngeal massage, vocal cord massage, vocal massage, larynx massage and many more. However, laryngeal massage techniques are all types of massage for singers who have signs of vocal tension.

Why do some people call it a laryngeal massage?

Some people call them circumlaryngeal muscles, hence the name circumlaryngeal massage. Tension in these so called extrinsic muscles can cause tension inside your larynx, which will affect the voice quality and ease of sound production.

What can a circumlaryngeal massage do for Your Voice?

Circumlaryngeal massage can be used to help warm up the voice before use, to restore voice quality after use, and to reduce vocal symptoms like tension or strain.

Do you need a license for laryngeal massage?

If someone with no license in speech therapy, other medical care, or bodywork, advertises laryngeal-area massage, or “vocal massage,” ask about their training, and how they’ll know what you individually need.