What does it mean that His mercies are new every morning?

God’s mercies are new every morning. The Hebrew word for “new” as used here is chadash (pr. khaw-dawsh) meaning “fresh, new thing, to rebuild” (Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance). I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” Every morning, God’s river of mercies flows fresh into us.

What is the meaning of Lamentations chapter 3?

This book contains the elegies of the prophet Jeremiah. In this chapter he refers to his own experience under affliction as an example as to how the people of Judah should behave under theirs, so as to have hope of a restoration.

What does it mean to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord?

Yet in the midst of his mourning the writer says, “It is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.” To wait quietly is to trust that even when things are as bad as they could be, God is faithful and his mercies are new every morning. Great is his faithfulness! Prayer. Lord, your compassions never fail.

What lessons do we learn from the book of Lamentations?

Let your mistakes, failures and even bad decisions teach you valuable lessons that will be beneficial in the future. In the book of Lamentations, there was so much more the Lord wanted to give the people and do in their lives, and they almost forfeited it because of careless and foolish choices.

How can I be quiet in the presence of God?

  1. Start small. Sitting in silence for just five minutes at a time is enough to begin with.
  2. Have a physical way to let yourself know that it’s time for silence.
  3. Focus on your breathing, or your heartbeat, or the feeling of your hands touching your chair.
  4. Give yourself grace and keep going.

What does it mean that God’s love endures forever?

Notice and count how many times the phrase “His love endures forever” was written. It is written in a way that in every declaration of God’s mighty act, there is a response. It expresses deep gratitude to a God who never fails to fulfill His promise. God’s love will endure forever. It will never end.

What does Lamentations 3 : 22 mean in the Bible?

What Does Lamentations 3:22 Mean? The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end;

What is Ellicott’s commentary on Lamentations 3?

Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers (22) It is of the Lord’s mercies. —It is, perhaps, part of the elaborate art of this poem that Lamentations 3:22-42, which form its centre, and that of the whole book, represent the highest point of trust to which the mourner attains, being both preceded and followed by words of lamentation.

Which is the center of the poem Lamentations 3?

Verses 22-42 are the center of the present poem, as it also holds the central place in the whole series of the Lamentations. In them the riches of God’s grace and mercy are set forth in the brightest colors, but no sooner are they ended than the prophet resumes the language of woe. That we – He is speaking as the representative of all sufferers.

Who is Tithonus in the Book of Lamentations?

Lamentations 3:22-23. In the classical myths, Tithonus, a son of Laomedon, king of Troy, was so fair and winsome a youth that Eos, or Aurora, goddess of the morning, fell in love with him, and therefore prayed the gods to grant him immortality, in order that she might have him as her husband always.