What does it mean to be Rh negative at 28 weeks?

If you are Rh factor negative and your baby is positive, you have Rh incompatibility. This means that your body could make antibodies against your baby’s blood and cause problems for their health. If you are RH negative you will have another blood test during week 28 to check for these antibodies.

How big is the head in Week 10?

By week 10, your baby-to-be is a mere two inches long, and his or her head is taking up half the length of the body. Not only is the head big in comparison to the rest of baby, it’s bulging at the forehead.

What happens in Week 10 of a pregnancy?

This week marks your baby’s final week as an embryo. 2  Some of the amazing events happening inside that little life this week include: Baby’s nose, mouth, and eyes are taking shape. Fingers and toes lose their web look and get longer. Explore a few of your baby’s week 10 milestones in this interactive experience.

What’s the baby’s position at 28 weeks pregnant?

When you’re 28 weeks pregnant, your baby’s position in the womb could be with his head facing down — or with his buttocks, feet, or both pointed down, which is called breech.

What to expect at 24 weeks of pregnancy?

If you missed what happens from 0-4 weeks , 4-8 weeks of pregnancy , 8-12 weeks pregnant , 12-16 weeks , 16-20 weeks pregnant and 24-28 weeks take a look at our previous blogs on getting pregnant and the developments of your baby.

What to expect at 28 weeks of pregnancy?

28 weeks – Your baby now weighs 1.1 kilograms and you are entering the 3 rd trimester of pregnancy. Start to consider what you would like to do during your labour and birth and make a start on a birth plan. Your body and hormones will work together best if you are comfortable with your chosen birth environment.

What’s the name of the baby at 24 weeks?

Chances are it isn’t romance or even excitement about the baby — it’s carpal tunnel syndrome.