What does zarb e Kaleem mean?

the strike of Moses’ staff
The literal translation of Zaerb-e-Kaleem is the strike of Moses’ staff.

What is the first name of Zarb e Kaleem?

Sir Muhammad Iqbal

Author: Sir Muhammad Iqbal
Type: Book
Language: Urdu
Note: Sir Muhammad Iqbal, Zarb-e-Kaleem (Lahore: Kutab Khana Talu-e-Islam, 1936), p. 191.

Is Allama an Iqbal Day?

Iqbal Day (Urdu: یوم اقبال‎; Yōm-e Iqbāl) is the birthday of Muhammad Iqbal on 9 November….Iqbal Day.

Iqbal Day یوم اقبال
Official name Iqbal Day
Also called Yōm-e Welādat-e Muḥammad Iqbāl
Observed by Pakistan
Date 9 November

What does Zarb mean?

n. A blow; a stroke; thud.

What is meant by khudi?

The Urdu Word خودی Meaning in English is Ego. The other similar words are Khudi and Anaa. The synonyms of Ego include are Character, Self and Psyche.

Is Iqbal Day a holiday in Pakistan 2020?

Iqbal Day is not a public holiday. Businesses have normal opening hours.

Is 9th November 2020 holiday?

In other words, the notification has issued by the government of Punjab about power delegation. So, he has declared a local holiday in the district of Sialkot on 9th November 2020. …

What does vintner mean in English?

1 : a wine merchant. 2 : a person who makes wine.

What is the meaning of KARB in Urdu?

anguish, agony, vexation, affliction, distress, grief.

What Iqbal means khudi?

that Iqbal emphasizes is that knowing oneself is in fact an immediate perception of God. He focuses his attention on the. individual “I”, thus shifting the emphasis from divine to human. The path of recognition of the self is the path that takes. one to a contact with the Absolute.

Who translated Asrar khudi in English?

“The Secrets of the Self, English translation of Asrar-i-Khudi by Reynod Nicholson”.