What famous bass players use a pick?

Paul McCartney, Chris Squire, Roger Glover, Mike Dirnt, Matt Freeman and many others are admired for their powerful pick playing. Plenty of bassists use both methods—John Entwistle, John Paul Jones, Sting, Roger Waters and Adam Clayton all leap to mind.

Who plays bass with a pick?

Great bass guitarists using a pick

  • Chris Squire (Yes)
  • Noel Redding (Hendrix)
  • Paul McCartney (Beatles)
  • Phil Lesh (Dead)
  • Scott Tunes (Zappa)

Who is the king of slap bass?

Mark King
Mark King. The guy who put the slap in pop during the 80s, Mark King did it all while fronting Level 42. Check out Lessons In Love for a classic example of King’s slap technique – the constant bah bah bah rhythm demonstrating his ability to take a more mechanical, sequencer style approach.

Does Eric Wilson use a pick?

As i grew as a bassist and listening to my favorite bass parts, i started to see that most of my favorite bass players used a pick. From my top 5 favorites, Chris Squire, John Wetton, Peter Cetara, and Ray Shulman used a pick, and then Eric Wilson had a great fingerstyle.

Is bass guitar fun to play alone?

Bass is awesome, everybody starts alone, but at some point you will want a band. When it happens you will be much happier playing the instrument you want to and for every bassist there are 20 guitarists. Slapping the bass. You could play with backing tracks.

Is it bad to use a pick on a bass?

A lot of people ask: Should I use a pick or my fingers to play bass? I think the answer is always: Yes! My philosophy is to never limit yourself. Both are valid and common methods of plucking the bass strings.

Who is the best at slap bass?

1 Sumon (Aurthohin) Saidus Salehin Khaled (Sumon), is a bass player, singer, songwriter, composer, music producer from Bangladesh and the vocalist and bassist for the rock band Aurthohin. He is known as “Bassbaba” (Father of Bass) among his fans and audiences for his bass guitar playing.

What kind of bass does Eric Wilson use?

Live he uses P basses nowadays, Back in the day he used Musicman basses. It’s really just all about getting a nice deep low end on the amp (turn the bass up to somewhere between 6 and 8, reduce mids to 4 or less, reduce treble to 3 or less) and rolling the tone back on your bass.

Does Nick Oliveri play with a pick?

Nick Oliveri – Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age His bass lines in songs like No One Knows are truly iconic and instantly recognizable at this point. With his approach to playing, he never considered not using picks.

Is playing the bass boring?

Bass is an ensemble instrument. The beauty of bass is the way that it interacts with the drums, the percussion, the piano, and the rhythm guitar. If you think of bass in that context, it’s never boring. Some players play more than others, but you have to be careful to maintain the groove and to match the music style.

Are there any great slap bass players out there?

BASS EXPO 2014: Slap bass is a sure fire way of introducing some red hot funk and groove into your playing style. There are scores of cool slap bass players out there, but who are the truly great ones?

Who are the best bass players of all time?

However, the reality is a bit different. Let’s take a look at 10 great bass players who exclusively used plectrums to achieve their sound. This man, who is energy itself when it comes to performing, plays an integral role in forming the famous Gojira sound. His raw tone and an unforgiving attack are key to making those riffs so epic.

Are there any bass players who only use their fingers?

Musician, writer. Whenever there is a conversation on different styles of playing bass guitar, there is always someone claiming that “real” bassists only use their fingers and not picks. However, the reality is a bit different.

Who is the bass player who only uses a pick?

Luckily for Mustaine, David Ellefson is that special person. His fat tone and incredible technical abilities in big part made Megadeth what it is today. Ellefson always uses a pick, but considering the music he plays, he doesn’t really have a choice.