What happened Saturn auto?

Saturn. General Motors halted production of its Saturn brand in October 2009 after a failed deal with the Penske Automotive Group. Under scrutiny to pay back loans and become a sustainable corporation, General Motors has been forced to streamline its brands and focus on the lines that have the most growth potential.

Are Saturns reliable cars?

They cannot be claimed as totally unreliable, but for the age of the car, it is not a good investment, ION or VUE with CVT transmission – Not advisable, as the transmission is not reliable even after expensive repairs.

What years did Saturn make cars?

The Saturn S-Series family of cars were produced from 1991 to 2002. S-Series cars had three generations: First generation cars were produced from 1991 to 1995. For the 1995 model year Saturn used a “first generation” exterior and “second generation” interior.

Who owns Saturn cars now?

General Motors
DETROIT — General Motors announced a tentative deal Friday for Roger Penske to acquire GM’s struggling Saturn brand and distribution network.

Is it hard to find parts for a Saturn?

It might also be difficult for the dealership to obtain parts for old Saturn models. If you are committed to purchasing a Saturn, be prepared to spend time and money to get your vehicle repaired when needed, especially if you opt for the Vue, Sky, or Outlook models.

Is it hard to get parts for Saturn cars?

When did they stop making Saturn vehicles?

Saturn cars were produced in the United States until the company disbanded in 2010.

Is Kia and Hyundai owned by same company?

So, are Kia and Hyundai the same company? No, but Kia and Hyundai are related! Kia and Hyundai Motor Group operate independently, but Hyundai is the parent company of Kia Motors.

Is Saturn still making cars?

Sure, Saturn-badged cars are still sold. But Saturn, the company, is now reduced to being the United States marketing arm for Opel . Opel is a brand of G.M. car sold principally in Europe.

When was the first Saturn car made?

On July 30, 1990, the first Saturn was built, a red 1991 model-year Saturn SL2. The first Saturn dealership opened in Memphis, Tennessee.

Who bought Saturn car company?

On January 7, 1985, the Saturn Corporation was officially founded. Citing full disclosure, Saturn was founded as a private, employee-owned company, by former GM leadership. They remained private until GM bought them out, and effectively “rewrote” company history. In the mid-1980s, GM released the Saturn Concept Car.

Who makes Saturn automobiles?

General Motors is the manufacturer of Saturn vehicles, including engines. General Motors released Project Saturn in 1982 in an effort to produce a small American car that would compete with the popular Japanese-made cars of that time.