What happened to Maxwell Street in Chicago?

In 1994, the Maxwell Street Market was moved by the City of Chicago to accommodate expansion of the University of Illinois at Chicago. It was relocated a few blocks east to Canal Street and renamed the New Maxwell Street Market. It was moved again to its current location on Desplaines Street in Fall 2008.

What kind of sausage does Jim’s use?

Maxwell Street Polish Sausage
The Original Maxwell Street Polish Sausage Standâ„¢ Jimmy worked hard, bought the stand from his aunt, and then made it literally “World Famous.” He piled succulent polish sausages high on the grill and created the first Maxwell Street Polish Sausage sandwich, with sweet grilled onions and a smear of mustard.

Is Little Italy safe in Chicago?

Safety. The Little Italy neighborhood is significantly safer than other neighborhoods in Chicago, and what crime there is tends to be petty property damage and theft. The area is safer than 84 percent of the cities in Illinois, and a resident has a 1 in 81 chance of being victimized by crime.

What kind of people live in Pilsen?

Pilsen is still majority Hispanic, but more than 10,300 have left the neighborhood since 2000, a 26 percent drop. As of 2013, an estimated 28,835 Hispanic residents were living in Pilsen. The number of whites grew by 22 percent, from 3,587 in 2000 to an estimated 4,385 in 2013.

What is Maxwell style?

A Maxwell Street Polish consists of a grilled or fried length of Polish sausage topped with grilled onions and yellow mustard and optional pickled whole, green sport peppers, served on a bun.

Where is the original Maxwell Street in Chicago?

Maxwell Street first appears on a Chicago map in 1847. It was named for Dr. Philip Maxwell . It was originally a wooden plank road that ran from the south branch of the Chicago River west to Blue Island Avenue.

What was the Maxwell Street Market?

The Original Maxwell Street Market was an impromptu ghetto market established in the late 19th century by newly arrived Jewish residents from Eastern Europe. A Sunday-only affair, it was a precursor to the flea market scene in Chicago. The market was officially recognized by the city in 1912.

What is Maxwell Street days?

Maxwell Street Days includes The Vintage Square, a two-day street market with a focus on all things vintage, antique, reclaimed, repurposed, upcycled and handmade, according to the chamber. The event takes place Friday and Saturday, July 27-28 from 9 a.m.