What is Chuck Grassley known for?

Charles Ernest Grassley (born September 17, 1933) is an American politician serving as the president pro tempore emeritus of the United States Senate, and the senior United States senator from Iowa, having held the seat since 1981. He is in his seventh Senate term, having first been elected in 1980.

Where does Chuck Grassley live now?

New Hartford
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Where is Charles Grassley from?

New Hartford, Iowa, United States
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Is Chuck Grassley running for reelection in 2022?

Incumbent Republican Senator Chuck Grassley was first elected in 1980 and was most recently re-elected in 2016. Grassley, who will be 89 years old in 2022, has filed a statement of candidacy for the 2022 election, making him eligible to run for an eighth term.

Does Chuck Grassley children?

Lee Grassley
Robin GrassleyMichele GrassleyJay GrassleyWendy Grassley
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What district does Chuck Grassley represent?

Senator (R-IA) since 1981
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When did Grassley serve in the Iowa House?

Grassley represented parts of Butler County in the Iowa House of Representatives from 1959 until 1975. He then served in the United States House of Representatives from 1975 to 1981.

Where is Senator Grassley’s office in Washington DC?

Directions Washington D.C. 135 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510 PHONE: (202) 224-3744 FAX: (202) 224-6020 Directions About News Contact Services Privacy Policy Senator Grassley Facebook Senator Grassley Twitter Senator Grassley Instagram Senator Grassley Youtube

What was the purpose of the Grassley measure?

The Grassley measure was also designed to unravel an accounting device lawmakers used previously to make it appear as though they were reducing spending for the incoming fiscal year.

What was the bill that Grassley and Wyden introduced?

Grassley, Wyden Introduce Bill to Strengthen Successful IRS Whistleblower Programs Read More Press Release | June 15, 2021 Iowa Senators Press Vilsack on Biden’s Actions on WOTUS, RFS Read More Press Release | April 30, 2021 ICYMI: Senators Push for Justice, Accountability in Military Assault Cases with Legislation Read More Read More