What is EC charge?

E.C application fee is ₹ 1 For first year information fee is ₹ 15 For every additional year fee is ₹ 5, and Additional fee after 1987 for computerized period is ₹ 100. For up to 30 years, the fee is ₹ 200 and for more than 30 years, the fee is ₹ 500. Telangana. Service charge is ₹ 25.

How long will it take to get encumbrance certificate in Kerala?

around 6-10 days
How long will it take to get encumbrance certificate in Kerala? It takes around 6-10 days to get the EC in Kerala.

How can I check my EC online in Kerala?

Here’s how you can check Kerala EC status online.

  1. Step 1: Visit Registration Department Government of Kerala Registration Portal.
  2. Step 2: Scroll down till you find “View/Download Encumbrance Certificate Online”.
  3. Step 3: After that, click on “View/Download Encumbrance Certificate Online”.

How long does it take for online EC Certificate?

Processing Period for Getting an EC The computerized format in sub-registrar’s offices enables us to quickly obtain the attached certificates within 2-3 working days.

How do you calculate EC?

How to Track Encumbrance Certificate Status

  1. Choose “EC Status” under the “Encumbrance Certificate” option available under the “Certificate” menu.
  2. Enter the Transaction ID provided to you when you submitted the application, enter the captcha, and click on “Check Status”.

What is EC for property?

An Encumbrance Certificate or (EC) is a certificate of assurance that the concerned property is free from any legal or financial liability such as a mortgage or pending loan. (a) Need for an Encumbrance Certificate. 1. It is a mandatory document used in property transactions as evidence of free title/ownership. 2.

Can we take encumbrance certificate online?

Apply for Encumbrance Certificate Online EC can be obtained online through the website of the Kerala Registration department. There is no need to visit Sub Registrar’s Office with an application form.

How can I get EC Certificate?

The steps to get an encumbrance certificate online at Kaveri Online EC portal are as follows:

  1. Visit the Kaveri Online Services website at https://kaverionline.karnataka.gov.in.
  2. Click on ‘Register as New User’ and fill out the user registration form.

How do you know if a flat is EC?

An OTP is sent to your registered mobile number. You have to enter that OTP to view/download Property Encumbrance Certificate online. Step 4-Click on ‘View Document’ to download or print the required EC. You can view the EC online without paying any free at the free of cost.

How many ppm is 1 EC?

500 ppm
To get an EC value, multiply the ppm reading by 2 and divide by 1000. Thus, if your EC is 1: 1 * 1000/2= 500 ppm.

How to apply for encumbrance certificate in Kerala?

Application for Encumbrance Certificates for which fee has been paid at double the ordinary rate shall have precedence over those for which the fees has been paid at ordinary rate. The details of fee for encumbrance application are included in the fee schedule. Proforma for application of Encumbrance Certificates is given separately.

Which is the required document for property registration in Kerala?

Kerala’s registration department offers many services online, including encumbrance certificate, verification of e-stamp paper and document registration. The Encumbrance Certificate (EC) is considered as an important and mandatory document, for property registration in Kerala.

Where can I get an encumbrance certificate for my property?

And encumbrance certificate (EC) ensures that there is a c omplete ownership of the prope rty without any monetary or le gal liability. The EC for prop erty can be obtained from the sub-registrars office where th e particular property has been registered. The encumbrance certificate is issued in Form No. 15 and 16.

How long does it take to get an encumbrance certificate?

The encumbrance certificate is vital for the purchase of any property, and for taking out a loan against the property. Most banks and government offices require at least 13 years of encumbrance, but you can get even more listed on the encumbrance certificate.