What is hatif number?

Hatif Aamal offers you a complete landline package that is easy to install and manage. Offering a combination of features and minutes, as well as fax, local, and international call services, Hatif Aamal is also. compatible with our 800 Toll-Free, Universal Access Number 9200, and Hotline services.

How do you call 900 STC?

Contact Us

  1. Call center: 900.
  2. Calling us from outside of Saudi Arabia: +966 114 55 5555.

How can I talk to STC customer care?

Customer Care call center,call 900.

How can I call STC Customer Care from landline?

+966 11 455 5555
STC/Customer service

How do I activate Mawjood?

To enable this service, incoming calls to your phone line should be diverted to Mawjood service number (4000) when you want to receive notifications on your mobile….

When not answered *61*4000# #61#
When busy *67*4000# #67#
Immediate divert *21*4000# #21#

What is Mawjood service?

The service allows customers view calls made to their landline when there is no answer or the line was busy by receiving a text message to their cell phones showing the number and name of the calling party, time and date of call in order to keep the customer fully informed of all calls made to his landline.

How can I get my money back from STC?

You can withdraw your money from your account through the nearest ATM machine with ANB National Bank and also you can withdraw money through merchants with stc pay. You can search for the nearest ATM or merchants that have the abillity of withdrawing money through the application.

How can I complain stc pay?

2.2 You can contact Us by telephoning Our customer service team at 920011444, via the chat facility on the App, or by writing to Us by email at [email protected], through social media, at our website: https://www.stcpay.com.sa/en/page/support.

How can I complain STC pay?

How can I get my STC PUK code online?

>>Method 1- Through online

  1. Go to Official website of STC.
  2. Select your cpreferred language.
  3. Now Click MySTC Button.
  4. Log IN Using your user id , password .
  5. Now Go to Home Page > Personal > Services > Online Services > Request PUK.
  6. Note it down and enter it in your mobile phone to unlock the SIM card and activate it.

How do I activate Mawjood service?

Activating the Mawjood service is very simple, and can be done in one of two ways:

  1. Simply enter *62*1509# followed by the call or send button. Or.
  2. Use the menu on your mobile handset to navigate to the “call divert” menu and change the number for “unreachable” to 1509.

How do I enable Mawjood?

To enable this service, incoming calls to your phone line should be diverted to Mawjood service number (4000) when you want to receive notifications on your mobile.

How to subscribe to Al Hatif Service Order form?

Searching by account or service number. View QITAF information. Control and manage services. Please select a PDF form, from dropdown list bellow. To subscribe please print and fill the form then send it to your account manager or visit any of our outlet to submit. AL HATIF (800/9200) Service Order Form.

How to contact Mashreq customer care in UAE?

Customer Care for Bank Accounts. For any kind of information of Mashreq Bank Accounts, you can call the below number. Bank Account. Contact Details. Mashreq Fixed Deposit Account. 04-4244444.

How to contact Fab customer care in the UAE?

FAB Customer Care: +971 600525500 (Inside the UAE) +971 26811511 (Outside the UAE)