What is Metagaming in RP?

Metagaming is a term used in role-playing games, which describes a player’s use of real-life knowledge concerning the state of the game to determine their character’s actions, when said character has no relevant knowledge or awareness under the circumstances.

What is Metagaming example?

In particular, metagaming often refers to having an in-game character act on knowledge that the player has access to but the character should not. For example, tricking Medusa to stare at a mirror when the character has never heard of Medusa and would not be aware of her petrifying stare.

Does Wow still have RP servers?

RP also refers to RP Realms. There are several RP Servers available to Warcraft roleplayers. RP servers are functionally the same as PvE Servers, with added social rules and stricter naming enforcement. The same is true for RP-PvP Servers and PvP Servers.

What is Fail RP in RP?

Fail RP means for people who can’t role play properly with other people or characters. They are usually new players to RP and are in the learning process. Mostly on LG it’s failing to stay in your character.

What does OOC mean in RP?

out of character
What does OOC mean? OOC is an acronym that stand for out of character. It is often used in role-playing when a person wants to break character or in fanfiction when a writer is expressing concern that a character was not himself in a certain scene or instance of dialogue.

What is non scripted performance?

4.2 Non-scripted role-plays refer to role-play activities in which students role-play without scripts or rehearsal.

Is Role-Play rehearsed?

Role-play is all about rehearsal, the learning that takes place in the period of trial and error that precedes polished professional performance. Role-play learning depends on sympathetic teachers and a focus on process rather than outcome.

Do people RP in wow?

Roleplaying (RP), or Role Playing, in World of Warcraft means taking on the role of a character and acting it out in-game through emotes, /say, /yell, and sometimes other channels. Players may also participate in roleplay outside the game by posting on blogs, wikis, or forums (official or otherwise).

What are examples of fail RP?

Examples of Fail RP:

  • Police vehicles are equipped with tracking devices, they cannot be removed.
  • Failing to use the /jailme command after being sentenced to prison.
  • Refusing to verbally identify yourself is fine but you must provide your character name if the police run your fingerprints while booking/arresting you.

What does RPG mean in World of Warcraft?

RPG is an abbreviation of roleplaying game, but is not to be confused with RP in WoW. Usually when people speak about RPG, they mean a line of books made by Blizzard with the intent to create an actual game outside WoW. See also Lore. Usually roleplaying gear is used as a label, to describe the transmog, you wear while you RP.

What is the rule of Powergaming in RP games?

What is the Powergaming rule? Powergaming: In text-based online environments such as MUSH, MUCK, MU*s and other role-playing (RP) games that emphasize role-play over acquiring levels or skills (as opposed to most MUDs), a player can be described as a powergamer if he or she presumes or declares that his or her own action against another player …

What does it mean to do combat RP?

When people speak about combat RP, they can be speaking of several different things. Combat RP as a term usually indicates PVP fights with the opposing faction. PVP fights can be with limitations or without, but due to roleplaying reasons. Combat RP can also be emote fights with your own or the opposing faction.

What do you call a non roleplayer in Wow?

This is another derogatory term, often said by roleplayers, to describe their opinion regarding a player. It is often used about non-roleplayers who seeks to disrupt roleplay. When roleplayers speaks of Lore within WoW, they usually are speaking about the public history of the game.