What is the best balance spell in WIZARD101?

Spectral Blast (SB) It is a great spell to use on higher level Balance bosses since they can have really high Balance resistance.

What are all the balance spells in WIZARD101?

Balance Spells from Arthur Wethersfield and Alhazred

Name Level Description
Scarab 1 Deals 65-105 Balance Damage
Scorpion 5 Deals 160-200 Balance Damage
Weakness 8 Applies a -25% Damage Charm on Target
Locust Swarm 10 Deals 245-305 Balance Damage

What level is balance Judgement?

You get the spell quest at level 28. You need to go visit Alhazred in the Balance school in Krokotopia right away!

What levels do you get new spells in WIZARD101?

Gaining New Spells After the Tutorial every wizard starts the game with 1) the first level spell from their School and 2) a wand that grants them the other 6 first level spells from the other Schools. As your level increases, you will be summoned to your School by your Professor many times in order to learn new spells.

Is balance good in Wizard101?

It’s a very good school for hitting, although I recommend questing with others. As for balance, it is more weaker in the beginning of the game but it will be easier if you have another person with you.

Can I solo Wizard101?

The game was no where near soloable, but you know what, we enjoyed it immensely because it really was challenging. People were much more friendly and cooperative. The game was never designed to be soloable and just the fact that you can now solo most of it shows how much easier it has become over the years.

Is there a balance Prism?

Re: Balance prism Prisms change the school to the opposite of the original school. Balance has no opposite. Therefore, Balance has no prism.

What is the strongest school in Wizard101?

Best schools for soloing are Fire, Ice, Life and Death. Best schools for supporting others are Balance, Life, Ice and Death. Best schools for hitting hard are Storm, Fire, Myth and Life. Best schools for effective mastery of a second school are Balance and Death.

Can you beat Wizard101 without paying?

You can’t even reach any other worlds without paying. You can still play around in those areas that you can reach in Wizard City, and you can still level up. Theoretically, you can reach the highest level, but it would take years to get that much experience just by running around in Wizard City.

Can you solo balance wizard101?

Balance is really easy solo ngl, especially after nova buffs. Availing Hands is a great heal spell and you can get some good stats. If you ever are in a dungeon with other people though, swap onto jade/resist and just spam blades.

Where do you find balance spells in Wizard101?

balance spells wizard101 1 LEVEL: 1 2 DEALS 65-105 balance DAMAGE TO A SINGLE TARGET 3 PIP COST: 1 4 TRAINER: Arthur Wethersfield 5 TRAINER LOCATION: RAVENWOOD

Are there any level 108 spells in Wizard101?

From effects to animation, they’ve undergone extensive scrutiny, and after having examined much of it and drawn some of my own conclusions, I am excited to provide my analysis and suggestions for these new, level 108 spells.

How much does it cost to cast a level 108 spell in Polaris?

Each of the level 108 spells in Polaris costs 6 pips + 1 shadow pip to cast. Here are some videos showing you exactly what the spells are like! These spells require you defeat Cyrio Cassini, as boss that will be your own school.

What do you do with a balance school spell?

Talking to Trees / Playing with Fire / Adding the Frosting / Take It by Storm / Bugging Out! Bad News… I Know a Guy… / Thief of Spells