What is the best baseboard for a model railway?

What wood should I use for a model railway baseboard? We recommend using plywood (9mm – 12mm) on top of a frame of planed square edge timber. This combination provides a relatively sturdy and lightweight baseboard.

What do you use for model railway baseboards?

The de facto standard for the best wood to use for the top of your model railway baseboard is Plywood (available from home DIY stores). This is strong enough to secure your track, buildings and scenery but easy to work with, allowing track pins to be easily pushed in for example.

What height should a model rail baseboard be?

For someone around this height to be able to bend over the layout and taking into account practicality and comfort, the optimum height for a model railway baseboard is 85cm to 132cm (2.7ft to 4.3ft or 33.4 to and 52 inches).

How big is a Hornby track mat?

1800mm x 1200mm
If you have a Hornby train set then included will be a TrakMat – a mat similar to a table cloth with an aerial photograph of a model railway designed to fit on a baseboard of approximately 72″ x 48″ ( the standard mat size is 1800mm x 1200mm, the MidiMat as supplied in some Thomas the Tank sets measures 1600mm x 1180mm …

What wood is best for baseboards?

Hardwoods, like oak and maple, are an excellent choice if you are looking for wood baseboards you can stain. These hardwoods take stain and varnish well but are significantly more expensive than jointed pine and MDF.

What is the best height for a model railway?

The consensus among model railway engineers is that the ideal height for a model railway is somewhere between 42” and 52”. This provides a good balance and allows the ‘best of both worlds’ in terms of practicality, comfort and accessibility.

Can you run HO trains outside?

The simple answer to your question is that HO trains, regardless of brand, are not suited for outdoor use. One, the plastics used are not UV resistant, and they will be damaged by continued exposure to heat and sun.

How to build a model railway base board?

Part 2 of the Ballan Parkway OO gauge British layout. Phase 3 extension project. A guide to constructing secure baseboard frames. Fitting legs, Fitting backboards for back scenes and securing joining boards together. Loading…

Where is the best place to put a railway baseboard?

For these reasons, it’s best to keep model railways and carpets away from each other. Baseboards can be located just about anywhere (within reason). The best place for you will depend on how much space is available. Generally, the area chosen should be dry and free from excessive dust and humidity.

What to consider when building a model railway?

When planning a model railway one of the first considerations will be the baseboard. There are many aspects to consider such as where the layout will be located, the ideal height, and choice of materials. In this article, we explore some of the key points that need to be considered when researching, planning and building model railway baseboards.

What kind of ply is used for railway baseboards?

Immensely strong structures can be fabricated using very thin ply indeed. An example is the system supplied byBrilliantBaseboards which uses thin birch ply. This modular system can be adapted to almost anything required. It is quite possible to fabricate such a system from scratch although some woodworking skill is required.