What is the best Sonik rod?

10 Best Sonik Rods – Updated August 2021

# Product Name Score
1 Sonik NEW Xtractor Recon 8ft Carp Rods – 2.50lb, 3.00lb, 3.5lb Test Curves (2.50LB) Sonik 9.8 Score
2 Sonik XTRACTOR Carp Rod – Fishing Rod for Carp Fishing – Stalking Rod Carp Telescopic Rod for Carp Fishing, Black , 10′ 3.50 lb Sonik 9.6 Score

Are Sonik carp rods any good?

The blanks are the same, Sonik realising that they are a winner, but the guides are now super-light, making the rod lighter and the recovery speed faster, for more crisp and accurate casting. These are good looking rods, and they’re very pocket-friendly, despite the refinements, most of them coming in at under £60.

How far can you cast a carp rod?

I use 12 ft 2.75 lb rods for pretty well everything, which allows you to fish at 100-120 yards with correct tackle and technique. Stepping up to 3 lb test 12-footers usually gives you a tool with more emphasis on casting, but is only worthwhile if you tackle larger venues regularly.

Where is Sonik fishing made?

Sonik Sports was formed in 2008 and are based in Northumberland in the North East of England. The company launched with 34 rods, targeting the UK fly, carp and sea angling market.

What are the best carp rods?

Best Carp Rods – 10 Top Fishing Rods 2019

  • Daiwa Basia DF X45 TT Alps Carp Rod. Another one of the best carp rods.
  • Nash Scope Black Ops Carp Rod.
  • Nash Scope TT Cork Handle Carp Rod.
  • Shimano TX2 Cork Carp Rod.
  • Trakker Propel Carp Rod.
  • Wychwood Maximiser 12ft 3.5lb Carp Rod.
  • ESP Terry Hearn Classic Carp Rod 50mm.

What is the best carp reel?

Best Carp Reels – Top 10 Fishing Reel Review

  • Penn Affinity II 8000 reel.
  • Daiwa Basia Custom DCR range reels.
  • Daiwa Tournament 5000T reels.
  • Fox FX reels.
  • Okuma 8K FD Reel.
  • ESP Onyx Compact Big Pit Reel.
  • Avid ACR 12000 Reel.
  • Nash Scope GT Reels.

What lb line should I use for carp fishing?

A monofilament mainline around 10-15lb should be absolutely fine for the majority of carp fishing, you just need to take into account the weight of leads you are casting, type of water your fishing and the size fish your targeting.

Will longer rod cast further?

A rod’s length affects casting distance, accuracy, and hook set leverage. Longer rods (over 7 feet) will cast farther than shorter rods of the same power and action, and shorter (

Who owns Sonik fishing?

Ian McCormack
Founded in 2008 by Ian McCormack, who had previously spent 10 years as Commercial Director for Hardy & Greys Limited prior to their acquisition by Pure Fishing, Sonik was created as a company of anglers with a passion for developing great tackle that makes the whole experience of going fishing more productive and …

What size rod is best for carp fishing?

most carp rods are 12ft-13ft in length. You should choose the length which feels most comfortable but bear in mind that you will need to be reasonably tall and strong as well as having a good technique to get the best out of a 13ft rod. In situations where there are overhanging trees, a longer rod can be a hindrance.

Are 10ft rods good for carp fishing?

The 10ft rod model is ideal for margin fishing, where hooked bait typically ends up, and the 12ft is great for distance casting. Both rod lengths have a choice of test curves and are sure to lead to impressive rewards.

What do carp like to eat the most?

They favor insects, aquatic worms, crustaceans, and mollusks, but also consume algae and other plant matter. Due to this diverse diet, a variety of carp baits trip their triggers, from natural offerings to homemade doughbaits and mass-produced softbaits, dips, boilies, and such.

Which is the best Sonik carp rod to buy?

With its carp rods, Sonik utilises groundbreaking new materials, such as nanoalloy, to produce tackle that is lighter, slimmer, and more durable than before. A popular range amongst the Sonik carp rod is the Vader X series.

Which is the best carp rod for anglers?

With its carp rods, Sonik utilises groundbreaking new materials, such as nanoalloy, to produce tackle that is lighter, slimmer, and more durable than before. A popular range amongst the Sonik carp rod is the Vader X series. The Sonik Vader X carp rods offer anglers a slim, lightweight design thanks to its carbon fibre constructions.

How long has Sonik fishing rods been in business?

Despite it only being in business for a decade, Sonik has achieved a lot in these short years as it is already one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of carp fishing tackle.

How many products are in Sonik sports range?

Please browse and enjoy our new 2020 product range across the website. With over 100 products across 10 key categories, the SONIK range for 2020 is focused on delivering total customer satisfaction as well as more product for your money.