What is the name of a triangle with all sides different lengths?

A triangle with all sides equal is called equilateral, a triangle with two sides equal is called isosceles, and a triangle with all sides a different length is called scalene.

How do you classify triangles by side lengths?

Classifying Triangles by Sides

  1. scalene triangle-a triangle with no congruent sides.
  2. isosceles triangle-a triangle with at least 2 congruent sides (i.e. 2 or 3 congruent sides)
  3. equilateral triangle-a triangle with exactly 3 congruent sides.
  4. NOTE: Congruent sides means that the sides have the same length or measure.

What is the name for a triangle with 3 different side lengths?

scalene triangle
A scalene triangle is a triangle where the lengths of all three sides are different. Here is an example of a scalene triangle. You can see that all three sides of the triangle are different lengths. An isosceles triangle has two side lengths that are the same and one side length that is different.

How do you classify triangles?

Triangles can be classified by their sides and by their angles. When classifying a triangle by its sides, you should look to see if any of the sides are the same length. If no sides are the same length, then it is a scalene triangle. If two sides are the same length, then it is an isosceles triangle.

Is a 3 sided shape always a triangle?

A three-sided polygon is a triangle. There are several different types of triangle (see diagram), including: Equilateral – all the sides are equal lengths, and all the internal angles are 60°. Isosceles – has two equal sides, with the third one a different length.

What are the names of triangles in geometry?

There are different names for the types of triangles. A triangle’s type depends on the length of its sides and the size of its angles (corners). There are three types of triangle based on the length of the sides: equilateral, isosceles, and scalene. The green lines mark the sides of equal (the same) length.

What kind of triangle has all three sides of the same length?

A triangle that has all three sides of different lengths is a scalene triangle. Since all the three sides are of different lengths, the three angles will also be different. A triangle that has two sides of the same length and the third side of a different length is an isosceles triangle. The angles opposite the equal sides measure the same.

Which is the right side of a triangle?

There is one right angle (90º) in a right-angled triangle. The side opposite the right angle in a right-angled triangle is called the hypotenuse. A scalene triangle has no equal length sides. It also has no equal inside angles.

Which is the smallest side of a triangle?

If the smallest side is opposite the smallest angle, and the longest is opposite the largest angle, then it follows that since a triangle only has three sides, the midsize side is opposite the midsize angle. Equilateral triangles An equilateral trianglehas all sides equal in length and all interior angles equal.