What is the use of report view in Cognos?

A report view shares the same report specification as the source report but has different properties such as prompt values and run options. Creating a report view does not change the original report.

What is report view in Cognos 11?

If you want to run an existing IBM® Cognos® Analytics report with different prompt values, schedules, delivery methods, run options, languages, or output formats, you can create a report view. Creating a report view does not change the original report.

How do I create a report in Cognos 11?

Creating a report using Cognos 11

  1. In the toolbar, click.
  2. Click Report.
  3. Click Templates > Blank.
  4. Click Themes > Cool Blue > OK. The Source and Data tabs is displayed.
  5. Click Source >
  6. In the Open file dialog, click Team content > Packages.
  7. Click Storage and Storage Pool Capacity > Open.
  8. Click.

How do I schedule a report in Cognos 11?

How to schedule reports by email in Cognos Analytics 11.

  1. Login to the Cognos ‘Welcome’ dashboard.
  2. Under ‘Team content’, navigate to Samples > Reports > Standard reports and click the ‘More’ icon next to ‘Sales managers’.
  3. Select ‘Properties’ before clicking the ‘Schedule’ tab.

What are the 3 kinds of report?

There are three typical types of reports.

  • Basic Reports. Basic reports are divided into detail reports, grouped reports, crosstab reports, and other basic table samples.
  • Query Reports.
  • Data Entry Reports.

What are the classification of report?

Reports are classified into two main types: informal reports and formal reports. Both of those classifications are further broken down by type of information. This module describes these report structures and types.

What do you need to know about Cognos 10 bi?

Cognos 10 BI is a web based reporting application. Users, depending on their rights (licence) will be able to run reports, schedule reports and/or create ad hoc analysis against relational and/or multidimensional databases.

How big is a Cognos active report file?

Cognos Active Report Output ( MHT) file size depends on the amount of data packaged in the dashboard and the number of queries or Join variations associated with Cognos queries. iPad has very limited resources (RAM) and when trying to open very large reports the OS kills the Cognos apps as it runs Out of Memory.

What’s the difference between Cognos TM1 and Stack Overflow?

Cognos TM1 is a (OLAP) multidimensional database which can be queried from Excel and the Web through “TM1 Web”, “TM1 Executive Viewer” and “Cognos 10 BI”. Within this database, you’ll be able to create almost anykind of OLAP / Decisional application.

How to create a time dimension in IBM Cognos?

To create the Cognos Transformer time dimension with relative time categories, import your time information from either an IBM Cognos relational package or report, or from a flat file exported from IBM Cognos BI or the original OLAP vendor. In Cognos Transformer, you add dimensions from OLAP packages directly from the Dimension Map.