What size is 308 in MM?

.308 Winchester
Rim diameter 0.4728 in (12.01 mm)
Rim thickness 0.0539 in (1.37 mm)
Case length 2.015 in (51.2 mm)
Overall length 2.800 in (71.1 mm)

What is a 7mm08 caliber?

7mm-08 Remington
Parent case .308 Winchester
Case type Rimless, bottleneck
Bullet diameter 0.284 in (7.2 mm)
Neck diameter 0.315 in (8.0 mm)

Why is it called 30-30?

45 and shotgun alternatives. Introduced as the first small-bore, sporting rifle cartridge for smokeless powder, the 30-30 is effectively the great North American deer cartridge. A . 30 caliber bullet, loaded with 30 grains of smokeless powder, the name is derived from a combination of the cartridge size and design.

Is a 7mm more powerful than a 308?

308 is the more popular of the two cartridges, based on the availability of surplus ammunition, and its military background. The 7mm-08 gives better ballistic coefficient and sectional density values when comparing bullets of the same weight, the . 308 will offer a greater frontal diameter.

What are the dimensions of a.308 Winchester rifle?

All dimensions in millimeters (mm) and inches. Americans would define the shoulder angle at alpha/2 = 20 degrees. The common rifling twist rate for this cartridge is 305 mm (1 in 12 in), 4 grooves, Ø lands = 7.62 mm, Ø grooves = 7.82 mm, land width = 4.47 mm and the primer type is large rifle.

How big is a metric bolt in diameter?

Coarse Thread Bolts NOM. DIA. PITCH mm DIAMETER mm DIAMETER inch NUT Size M27 3 27 1.063 41 M30 3.5 30 1.1811 46 M33 3.5 33 1.2992 50 M36 4 36 1.4173 55

How can I tell the size of a metric nut?

Our metric stud bolt to nut table is meant to help determine the correct size bolt or nut for your purpose. Definitions of terms are located below the chart. Use the dimensions of your bolt to determine the appropriate size nut. The bolt chart provides both US and metric stud sizes.

What are the dimensions of a metric screw?

Metric screw dimensions in millimeters, including M2.5 and M4 screws. Thread Size ‘D’. M2. M2.5. M3. M4. M5. M6. Head Height, Max “K”.