What size is a bale spear?

The 49-inch spear is a standard for handling large round and square bales. If you plan to handle 3X3X8 bales exclusively, you can use a 39-inch spear.

What is the best bale spear?

Top 4 Hay Forks for Tractor

  • Titan Attachments 3,000 lbs Tractor Spear Attachment.
  • Bucket Dual 49-Inch Hay Bale Spear.
  • Titan Attachments Skidsteer Dual Hay Spear Bale.
  • Titan 72-Inch Tine Bucket Silage Rake 39-Inch Hay Bale Spears.
  • Hay Spear for Front End Loader Buying Guide.

What is a bale spear?

bale spear. 2-tine. Contact. bale spear. Use the Bobcat bale handler to transport and load round bales from the ground onto a trailer or into a bale feeder.

What is a 3 point spear?

Three Point Bale Spear It is a tapered steel spear and is designed for hard center bales. This three point bale spear is a tapered bale steel spear. It is a hay fork that is specifically designed for hard center bales.

How much does a hay spear weigh?

The bale spear has a weight rating of 3,500 lbs., 23 inches from the bushing and a weight rating of 2,615 lbs., 31-1/2 inches from the bushing. Use this 49-1/4 inch bale spear to help efficiently load your bales of hay.

How do you use a 3 point bale spear?

To use it properly, raise the 3-point hitch so the primary tine is level with the ground, and insert the primary tine above the center point of the bale. Because you can’t tilt the 3-point hitch, it’s important to spear large round bales a bit higher above the center point than you would with a loader mount bale spear.

How do you use a 3 point hay spear?

Can a Ford 3000 lift a round bale?

ford 3000 won’t lift round bales.

How much does a bale spear cost?

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