What sizes do Padstones come in?


  • 140mm.
  • 215mm.
  • What size do concrete lintels come in?

    Concrete lintels are available in a range of lengths including: 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1350mm, 1500mm and 1800mm. Bespoke lintels are available to order.

    How do you make a Padstone?

    If you want to make your own, go for a 1:1.5:3 mix (1pt cement, 1.5pts sand, 3pts 20mm aggregate). You can cast in situ or make up a box for it. Bear in mind it takes about 28 days for concrete to reach its full strength. The mix described above gives a (probable) crushing strength of about 40N/mm2.

    What is DP Padstone?

    Padstones, are specialised high-density concrete blocks. Padstones are manufactured with 50kn/m2 concrete creating a block that will take a considerable weight from above and effectively distribute it across the blockwork below preventing cracks and structural damage.

    Can a Padstone bridge a cavity?

    I wouldn’t be bridging the cavity with the padstone, could cause cold bridge/damp problems, 100mm bearing on a perpendicular wall is enough, 150mm is for linier walls. Padstone will be determined by the load its taking but are normally 3 courses deep, mainly so they tie in with block courses.

    What is a DP Padstone?

    Can I use engineering bricks instead of Padstone?

    For padstone sizes less than 215mm x 100mm, engineering bricks will be suitable.

    What is the strength of Naylor concrete padstones?

    A full range of padstones lintels are available with a strength that is a minimum of 50N/mm2 and are suitable to take special fixing or any other site situations.

    How many padstones are there in the UK?

    We deliver Concrete Padstones nationwide. SNS is recognised to be a leading provider of precast concrete padstones to the UK building industry with over 30 different padstone sizes normally available from stock. Our range of padstones has been specifically selected to meet the requirements of the trade.

    How big of a padstone do I need for a block?

    Our wide range of high-strength concrete padstone sizes make it easy to find the perfect match for your project. They are designed to fit most block dimensions and are ready-made for you to use straight away.

    How many sections of Naylor concrete are there?

    We have a large range of 29 sections available as standard stock items with an additional 6 L-shaped padstones lintels available. Specials can be made also at a competitive price and the quality assures you that the concrete will take any loads placed upon it.