What was the population of Delhi in 2013?

Of the total population of Delhi state, around 2.50 percent live in the villages of rural areas. In actual numbers, males and females were 226,321 and 192,721 respectively. Total population of rural areas of Delhi state was 419,042. The population growth rate recorded for this decade (2001-2011) was 2.50%.

What was the population of Delhi in 2011?


Area rank 32nd
Elevation 200–250 m (650–820 ft)
Population (2011)
• Union territory 16,787,941

What is the total population of Delhi 2020?

The last census in 2011 recorded NCT of Delhi has a population of 16.78 millions. Population in 2020 is expected to be around 19.5 Million (1.95 Crores).

What is the population of Delhi 2019?

approximately 28.5 million
The population in New Delhi was approximately 28.5 million, the most among the leading Indian cities in 2019.

Which is the largest district in Delhi?

North West Delhi
Districts of Delhi

# District Density
1 North West Delhi 8254
2 South Delhi 11060
3 West Delhi 19563
4 South West Delhi 5446

Why is Delhi called Delhi?

According to legend, the city was named for Raja Dhilu, a king who reigned in the region in the 1st century bce. The names by which the city has been known—including Delhi, Dehli, Dilli, and Dhilli, among others—likely are corruptions of his name.

What was the population of North Delhi in 2011?

In 2011, North Delhi had population of 887,978 of which male and female were 475,002 and 412,976 respectively. In 2001 census, North Delhi had a population of 781,525 of which males were 427,882 and remaining 353,643 were females.

What is the population of Delhi Metropolitan Region?

As per data released by Govt. of India for Census 2011, Delhi is an Urban Agglomeration coming under category of Mega City. Delhi city is governed by Municipal Corporation and is situated in Delhi Urban Region. The total population of Delhi UA/Metropolitan region is 16,349,831.

When was the last census of Delhi city?

Indian Govt only conduct census once a decade. Since last census of Delhi city was done in 2011, next census will only be in 2021. While many are asking for Delhi Population 2021 figures, there is none. Hinduism is majority religion in Delhi city with 80.21 % followers.

What was the population of India in 2013?

Population of India 2013 – India figures among the three most populous countries of the world – namely, China, India and the USA. With the population of India in 2013 peaking 1.26 billion people, India is superseded only by China which supports 1.35 billion people.