What was the real GDP in 2000?

U.S. GDP by Year Since 1929 Compared to Major Events

1998 $9.063 4.5%
1999 $9.631 4.8%
2000 $10.252 4.1%
2001 $10.582 1.0%

What is the GDP of Qatar in 2020?

Qatar: Gross domestic product (GDP) in current prices from 1986 to 2026* (in billion U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Gross domestic product in billion U.S. dollars
2022* 174.38
2021* 166.03
2020* 146.09
2019 175.84

What happened to Qatar GDP per capita?

Qatar is now the richest country in the world, on a per person basis. Current GDP per capita registered a world record-breaking peak growth of 1,156% in the 70s. This became quickly unsustainable and Qatar’s current GDP per capita contracted 53% in the 80s.

What is the GDP per capita of Qatar 2020?

The statistic shows gross domestic product (GDP) per capita in Qatar from 1986 to 2026*….

Characteristic GDP per capita in U.S. dollars
2022* 61,962.91
2021* 59,143.27
2020* 52,144.16
2019* 62,918.85

What was the GDP in 1940?

1.33 trillion

Date Value
Dec 31, 1941 1.57 trillion
Dec 31, 1940 1.33 trillion
Dec 31, 1939 1.22 trillion
Dec 31, 1938 1.13 trillion

What was the GDP in 1970?

United States (USA) GDP – Gross Domestic Product

Date Annual GDP GDP Growth (%)
1970 1,073,300M.$ 0.2%
1969 1,017,600M.$ 3.1%
1968 940,700M.$ 4.9%
1967 860,000M.$ 2.7%

Is Qatar richer than India?

Qatar has a GDP per capita of $124,100 as of 2017, while in India, the GDP per capita is $7,200 as of 2017.

What was the GDP in 2001?

$10,581,900 million
The GDP figure in 2001 was $10,581,900 million, United States is the world’s leading economy with regard to GDP, as can be seen in the ranking of GDP of the 195 countries that we publish. The absolute value of GDP in United States rose $330,900 million with respect to 2000.

What was the GDP in 1975?

GDP – Gross Domestic Product

Countries Date Annual GDP
United States [+] 1975 1,684,900M.$
Euro zone [+] 1975 1,502,577M.$
United Kingdom [+] 1975 241,757M.$
Germany [+] 1975 490,637M.$

Is Qatar richer than Dubai?

1. Qatar: Qatar came in the first place as the richest Arab country with a GDP per capita of 96.1 thousand. 2. United Arab Emirates: UAE came in second place with a GDP per capita of 58.77 thousand.

What is the GDP per capita of Qatar?

Qatar GDP Per Capita data is updated yearly, available from Dec 2000 to Dec 2017, with an average number of 62,194.102 USD. The data reached an all-time high of 107,632.737 USD in Dec 2012 and a record low of 29,725.275 in Dec 2001.

When did Qatar’s economy start to go down?

In 1973, oil production and revenues increased dramatically, moving Qatar out of the ranks of the world’s poorest countries and providing it with one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. Qatar’s economy was in a downturn from 1982 to 1989.

How is natural gas used in the economy of Qatar?

Petroleum and natural gas are the cornerstones of Qatar’s economy and account for more than 70% of total government revenue, more than 60% of gross domestic product, and roughly 85% of export earnings. Qatar has the world’s third largest proven natural gas reserve and is the second-largest exporter of natural gas.

How big is the tourism industry in Qatar?

Under the ambitious five-year development plan of the Qatar Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (QTEA), the government aimed to boost the number of visitors from 964,000 as of 2007 to 1.5m by 2010.