When did McGrath retire?

23 December 2006
McGrath announced his retirement from Test cricket on 23 December 2006, with his Test career coming to an end after the fifth Ashes Test in Sydney in January 2007, while the 2007 World Cup, which marked the end of his one-day career, saw him win the man-of-the-tournament award for his outstanding bowling, which was …

Is Shane Warne retired?

To mark 150 years of the Cricketers’ Almanack, Wisden named him in an all-time Test World XI. Following his retirement from international cricket, Warne played a full season at Hampshire in 2007….Shane Warne.

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2011/12–2012/13 Melbourne Stars (squad no. 23)
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Is tahlia McGrath related to Glenn McGrath?

Tahlia McGrath is an Australian woman cricketer. She was born on 10 November 1995 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. Thousands of peoples ask they same question that is Tahlia Mcgrath related to Glenn Mcgrath? The answer is no, they have no relation with each other.

How old was Glenn McGrath when retired?

After a training session in Melbourne ahead of the fourth Ashes Test starting on Boxing Day, McGrath, 36, announced that the Sydney Test match next month, on his home cricket ground, would be his last five-day game.

Who retired with Glenn McGrath?

Glenn McGrath, the most successful fast bowler in cricket history, will join his legspin counterpart Shane Warne as two Australian veterans playing their last Test matches over the next two weeks.

At what age did Shane Warne retire?

Shane Warne retired too early. At the age of 37, he thought his best days were behind him. Even though his craft does not rely on athleticism or young bones, Warnie looked around at such team-mates as Steve Waugh and decided it was his time to go, too.

Who is Shane Warne dating now?

Emily Scott
Former Australia cricketer Shane Warne, who was spotted kissing Emily Scott last month, has now publicly confirmed that he is in a relationship with the Playboy model.

Who is Glenn McGrath daughter?

Holly McGrath
Glenn McGrath/Daughters

Did Glenn McGrath marry again?

Glenn confirmed the news with a tweet that read: “Sara and I just got married again on July 4,” he wrote. “It was a beautiful ceremony in Sicily. Thank you to the media for respecting our privacy.” No images were ever released to the media of couple’s private nuptials.

Why is Glenn McGrath famous?

Glenn McGrath, in full Glenn Donald McGrath, byname Pigeon, (born February 9, 1970, Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia), Australian cricketer who took more Test wickets (563) than any other fast bowler in cricket history during a career than spanned 1993–2007.