Where is Riviana Foods located?

~ We’d love to hear from you ~ Riviana’s head office is located in Melbourne with distribution facilities located throughout Australia.

Who bought Riviana Foods?

Treehouse Foods
Oak Brook, Illinois-based TreeHouse Foods has completed the acquisition of the majority of Ebro’s Riviana Foods U.S.-branded pasta business for $242.5 million in cash, subject to customary adjustments based on inventory at closing.

What is Riviana rice?

We are the only company that produces and markets all of the best-selling types of rice including: Regular white milled rice, Parboiled rice, Precooked rice, Calrose rice, Rice mixes, Ready-to-serve rice, Jasmine rice, Basmati rice, Arborio rice, Organic rice, Wild rice, and Brown rice.

Where is riviana rice grown?

Riviana Foods Inc. is the largest processor and marketer of rice products in the United States. The company buys rough or green rice from independent growers and processes it at plants located in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

Who makes Carolina rice?

Carolina Rice is a Houston-based rice company. It is owned by Riviana Foods Inc, which is owned by Ebro Foods, S.A.

Where is riviana pasta made?

Based in Houston, Texas, Riviana is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ebro Foods, S.A., a leading Spanish food company.

What does TreeHouse Foods make?

Our Snacking and Beverages division produces and sells a comprehensive portfolio of sweet and savory baked food items (cookies, crackers, frozen waffles, pita chips, pretzels, snack bars and unique candy products) and beverages and drink mixes (powdered drinks, broths / stocks, ready-to-drink beverages, coffee / tea …

Where does Ronzoni pasta come from?

Automated Production. New production plants were built in Long Island City, NY. By employing the latest manufacturing technologies of the day and committing to only quality ingredients, Ronzoni® became the number one pasta in the largest pasta market in the U.S., New York.

Why was rice called Carolina Gold?

Carolina Gold rice —the variety named for its dazzling color in fields—was famous for its cooking qualities, aroma, flavor, and texture. Monthly rations of rice, meanwhile, were given to plantation slaves.

What kind of company is Riviana Foods Inc?

We are America’s leading rice company and the nation’s second largest provider of pasta products. Our portfolio includes over 20 trusted brands with more than 500 products widely distributed in many countries around the world. Making Meals Memorable. Welcome to Riviana Foods Inc.

Why are Riviana rice and pasta so popular?

Be inspired by generations before you. For more than a century, people just like you have enjoyed Riviana rice and pasta products throughout the U.S. and around the world. They knew and trusted the family-run companies that launched our pasta brands, nourished a lifetime with our rice brands, and developed a deep loyalty for both.

Where are the Riviana instant rice plants located?

Riviana Foods Inc. is expanding the production of Instant Rice with an investment of $15 million into its plant in Memphis, Tennessee – the largest plant across its US manufacturing network. With 100% natural rice grains, Instant Rice is precooked, improving shelf life while giving a uniform cooking quality.

What makes Riviana a good place to work?

At Riviana, we lead our industry thanks to the passion of our people and the power of our brands. Unleash your potential and be rewarded for your experience, creativity and enthusiasm. Here, you will find an energetic team that is nimble, decisive and bold, thriving in a workplace where independent thinking and initiative are encouraged and valued.