Where to install Nagios plugin in Ubuntu?

Both Nagios and NRPE plugins are available by default on the Ubuntu repository. You can install those packages using the apt command below. Once the installation is complete, go to the nagios installation directory “/usr/local/nagios/etc” and create a new directory for for storing all server hosts configuration.

How to install Linux NRPE on Nagios XI?

Installing The Agent Download the Linux NRPE agent to the /tmp directory on the Linux server you wish to monitor. cd /tmp wget https://assets.nagios.com/downloads/nagiosxi/agents/linux-nrpe-agent.tar.gz Unpack the installation archive you just downloaded: tar xzf linux-nrpe-agent.tar.gz Enter the newly created agent subdirectory:

Can you install Nagios XI on a VM?

While it will not install natively on a Windows Server, you can use our prepackaged VM and install it on a virtual box with a program like VMWare Player, Hyper-V or V-Sphere. This is the quickest way to start using Nagios XI. Works with: VMware, VirtualBox, and anything that can use OVF. View Installation Guide.

Which is the latest version of Nagios Core?

In this step, we will install the latest stable version Nagios Core 4.4.6. And we will install it manually from the source. Go to your home directory and download the Nagios Core source code. Extract the Nagios package and go to the extracted Nagios directory.

Which is the best place to install NagVis?

Place the NagVis directory tree somewhere on your system. For most cases /usr/local/nagvis is the best place. You should see the following directory listing: An example main configuration file can be found in etc/nagvis.ini.php-sample . If you like to change some settings, copy this example to etc/nagvis.ini.php .

Where can I find Nagios on my computer?

There you go, the Nagios service is loaded on your web browser. Nagios add-ons can help you to run the Nagios services smoothly and fix the bugs. Some plugins also help you get the Nagios Remote Plugin Executor (NRPE) tool to remotely access your server and monitor your Linux system.

Do you need a PHP server to run Nagios?

To install and run the Nagios monitoring tool on your Linux machine, you need to have a PHP server installed on your Linux. In this post, we will see how to install and configure Nagios on Ubuntu Linux.