Which is the latest version of CiA 301?

CiA 301 version 4.2.0CANopen application layer and communication profile. DescriptionThis specification specifies the CANopen application layer. This includes the data types, encoding rules and object dictionary objects as well as the CANopen communication services and protocols.

Which is an example of a CIA specification?

CiA specifications are normative descriptions of functionalities to be implemented in hardware or software products. This includes protocols and profiles. Typical examples are the CANopen application layer (CiA 301) or the CANopen device profile for generic I/O modules (CiA 401) .

Which is the CIA DSP for industrial systems?

/1/ CiA DS 301, CANopen – Communication Profile for Industrial Systems, v 4.02, February 2002 /2/ CiA DSP-305, CANopen Layer Setting Services and Protocols (LSS), v1.0, May 2000 /3/ CiA DSP-306, Electronic Data Sheet Specification, v1.2, December 2002 /4/ CiA DSP-405, Device Profile for IEC1131 Programmable Devices, v2.0, December 2000

When did CIA draft standard proposal 302 come out?

CiA Draft Standard Proposal 302 CANopen Framework for CANopen Managers and Programmable CANopen Devices This is a draft standard proposal and is not recommended for implementation. Version 3.2.1 Date: 09.04

What is the CANopen device profile for CiA 402?

CiA ® 402 series: CANopen device profile for drives and motion control. This set of profile specifications standardizes the functional behavior of controllers for servo drives, frequency inverters, and stepper motors. It also introduces several operation modes and corresponding configuration parameters.

When did the CIA 319 framework come out?

The CiA 319 framework provides guidelines to simplify the implementation and configuration of devices using CANopen Safety communication services. In October 2016, CiA has released the CiA 402-6 specifying the default 64-byte PDO usage for CANopen FD networks.