Who is the husband of ishani?

Ishani & Siddharth marry eachother with a cute happy ending of Star plus serial Sanjivani….

Will Ranveer marry ishani again?

Ishani and Ranveer have decided to part ways finally. After all the suicide drama, Ranveer has managed to convince Ishani to sign the divorce papers. Ishani decides to leave the love of her life for the sake of his happiness. Everyone is shocked to see that Ranveer and Ishani will no more be together.

Will ishani marry Chirag?

Chirag denies to marry Ishani, easing RanVeer to marry her in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. RV (RanVeer) has been always been the pillar of support for Ishani. Chirag is adamant that he will marry Ishani, just for the sake of her property, as she is fighting the legal case to get her property back.

Why did ishani marry NV Singh?

Ishani is seen married to a rich businessman Navratan Singh/NV, who has rebuilt Sanjivani from scratch. NV has one motive, that’s to get Ishani successful. He wants Ishani to get the credit for her talents.

Who is NV Singh?

NV Singh is played by a talented actor Gaurav Chopra. He was last seen in Zee TV’s serial Aghori as Adhvik.

Does Ranveer marry Ritika?

In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ritika (Smriti Khanna) and Ranveer (Shakti Arora) are getting married for the third time. Ritika is now getting married to Ranveer (twice, as before too she was about to get married to him, but was stopped by Ishaani), and Sharman ones (before), so this is third time she is turning bride.

Does Ranveer have a twin brother?

However, it is revealed that Ranveer had a twin brother named Milan, whom his parents were forced to give up for adoption when they were in dire need of money after Ranveer had met with a serious accident during their childhood. Milan hates Ranveer and vows to destroy him and snatch everything Ranveer holds dear.

Why did Mohnish Behl leave sanjeevani?

Actor Mohnish Bahl, who plays Dr Shashank Gupta in ‘Sanjivani’, recently ended his journey on the show. Talking to BT about it, he says, “I decided to opt out and it was an amicable decision. I felt that I was not able to justify my role as Dr Shashank Gupta in the current season, as compared to the previous ones.

Who is Dr Aman in sanjeevani 2?

Robin Sohi
Robin Sohi who plays Dr. Aman in Sanjivani 2 gets talking about the recent twists in the show, that have happened due to his character’s behavior. Actor Robin Sohi who has been part of movies Lafange Nawab and Raja Abroadiya, is happy with the way his character of Dr.