Who is Uncle Elroy girlfriend from next Friday?

Next Friday Elroy has a new girlfriend named Shuga and begins to wear fancier clothing such as Versace.

How much did Uncle Elroy win in next Friday?

Elroy and Day-Day have just recently left the ghetto themselves after winning $1 million in the lottery.

What’s after Friday After Next?

The first film, Friday (1995), was a sleeper hit and has garnered a large cult following. The film’s success led to two sequels, Next Friday (2000) and Friday After Next (2002), which were also box office successes.

Did Ice Cube write Friday After Next?

It is the third installment in the Friday series. The film was theatrically released on November 22, 2002, to generally negative reviews. This film has since gained a cult following….

Friday After Next
Directed by Marcus Raboy
Written by Ice Cube
Based on Characters by Ice Cube DJ Pooh
Produced by Ice Cube Matt Alvarez

Who are the girls in next Friday?

Cast (30)

  • Ice Cube. Craig Jones. Mike Epps.
  • Justin Pierce. Roach. John Witherspoon.
  • Don ‘D.C.’ Curry. Uncle Elroy. Jacob Vargas.
  • Lobo Sebastian. Lil Joker. Rolando Molina.
  • Lisa Rodríguez. Karla (as Lisa Rodriguez) Tom Lister Jr.
  • Kym Whitley. Suga (as Kym E. Whitley)
  • Tamala Jones. D’wana. The Lady of Rage.
  • Carmen Serano. Girl #1.

Is first Sunday a sequel to Friday?

Ice Cube’s new movie “First Sunday” is not a sequel to the “Friday” movies, but it sure does have the look and feel of a franchise that has long outstayed its welcome. Starring Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan as friends in financial straits, “First Sunday” is an ambling test of endurance.

What did joker Do Chico?

After spotting Craig flirting with his sister, Karla, Joker sics his dog Chico on Craig, who climbs on top of Day Day’s car and attempts to hit the dog with a belt. He and Day Day also notice him holding a hydraulic pump which is later discovered to contain money from their drug dealings(which Mrs.

Who is Uncle Elroy in Friday after next?

Uncle Elroy (played by Don “D.C.” Curry) is the sex-crazed uncle of Craig and Day -Day, and the brother of William “Willie” Jones. He appears in Next Friday and Friday After Next.

Where does Willie Jones live in Next Friday?

In Next Friday, he forced Craig to move out and to go live with his uncle Elroy and Day-Day, and that his favorite benefit about Craig moving out was getting to see his wife in the nude, being delighted by it so much that’s the first thing he tells Craig when driving him to Day-Day and Elroy’s house to stay there.

When did Friday after next movie come out?

New Line Cinema released Friday After Next (rated “R” by the M.P.A.A. for “harsh language, drug use and sexual situations”) nationwide on November 22nd, 2002. Friday after next takes place back in the hood during the christmas season, Craig and Day-Day are now living in a rundown apartment.

What did Willie do in the alternate ending of Friday?

However in the alternate ending, Willie did show he was proud of Craig in being mature enough to help Santa (revealed to be a homeless man) telling him to keep the gifts. He even defended him and Day-Day by calling the Department of Health on Moly for his squalor doughnut service, leading to the latter’s arrest.