Who makes Beta Marine Diesel?

Gartside Marine Engines Ltd
Gartside Marine Engines Ltd has been serving the west coast Canadian boating community since 1989, and became the Beta Marine distributor for Canada in 2006. We have built our reputation on quality work with attention to detail and excellent customer service.

Is Beta Marine Kubota?

BETA diesel engines are built in the Gloucestershire (England) factory and are based on the Japanese Kubota diesel engine which BETA marinise. Sea Going – Heat Exchanger Cooled Marine Propulsion Engines from 10 to 150 bhp.

What engines do beta marine use?

Diesel Marine Propulsion Engines & Generating Sets

  • Beta 10. 10 hp @ 3,000 rpm.
  • Beta 14. 13.5 hp @ 3,600 rpm.
  • Beta 16. 16 hp @ 3,600 rpm.
  • Beta 20. 20 hp @ 3,600 rpm.
  • Beta 25. 25 hp @ 3,600 rpm.
  • Beta 30. 30 hp @ 3,600 rpm.
  • Beta 35. 35 hp @ 2,800 rpm.
  • Beta 38. 38 hp @ 3,600 rpm.

Where are beta diesel engines made?

Beta Marine Diesel Engines are manufactured in England to Lloyds of London specifications. Their engine range is built at the Gloucestershire factory in England and are based on the most advanced water-cooled diesels.

How good are beta marine engines?

They’re fairly well regarded, if a bit expensive. They’re well-designed with thought to how the maintenance related parts are arranged to simplify doing maintenance. They use a Kubota block, and parts are fairly easy to get once you identify which Kubota block they used.

Are Beta Marine Diesels good?

What is marine diesel engine?

Marine diesel engines are very similar to the self-ignition engines in heavy-duty vehicles, but they are generally larger, more complex, and operate with higher efficiency. About 75% of all marine diesel engines are four-stroke engines; however, 75% of the installed power is produced by two-stroke engines.

Where can I buy beta marine diesel engines?

In addition to reliability, you are ensured to have widely available and affordable Beta Marine diesel parts and service throughout your ownership, no matter where your travels take you. At Beta Marine US, we go well beyond simply distributing marine diesel engines and parts.

Where can I get a Beta Marine Atomic 4 engine?

Beta Marine has the only Atomic 4 replacement engine line with this terrific feature. Low maintenance and repair cost is another advantage of Beta Marine diesels, as engine parts are available worldwide at any Kubota farm tractor dealer. Check your yellow pages for a nearby dealer.

What kind of transmission does Beta Marine have?

These 2 engines are available with straight line, 8 degree down angle, or 15 degree V drive transmissions. These 5 engines are available with straight line or 15 degree V drive transmissions. Please see our Diesel Generators page for information about Beta Marine diesel generators.

What kind of engine does a beta use?

Just as a clarification, the Betas don’t merely use the Kubota block, they use the entire engine. What Beta does is they “marinize” the Kubota engine with various components necessary for marine application (heat exchanger, raw water pump, etc).