Who received the Burma Star medal?

Burma Star

Name Date of birth Awards
Ali, Abbas
Allen, Robert Swinton 24-07-1914 more
Allmand, Michael 22-08-1923
Aziz, Mohammad Abdul 21-03-1921

How do you get a Burma Star medal?

To apply for the Burma Star, you must have:

  1. 1 day of operational service in the army in the above qualifying areas.
  2. 1 day of operational service as ground crew in the RAF in the above qualifying areas.
  3. 1 operational sortie as aircrew in the RAF in the above qualifying areas.

What regiments were in Burma ww2?


  • 1st (West Africa) Infantry Brigade.
  • 1st Indian Infantry Brigade.
  • 2nd Infantry Division (United Kingdom)
  • 2nd (West Africa) Infantry Brigade.
  • 2nd Indian Infantry Brigade.
  • 4th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
  • 5th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
  • 6th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)

How many chindits were there?


Chindits (Long Range Penetration Groups)
Size 9,000 to 12,000
Garrison/HQ Jhansi, India
Motto(s) 9 Gorkha ho ki hoina
Engagements Burma Campaign of World War II

How much are ww2 medals worth?

Prices vary massively for campaign medals, but a British War medal, issued to any British Empire combatant, can be acquired for as little as £10. Nowadays, Second World War stars can fetch as little as £5 to £10 because these medals are not named and it is difficult to link them to the recipient.

How many died in the Burma campaign?

It was the greatest defeat to that date in Japanese history. They had suffered 50–60,000 dead, and 100,000 or more casualties. Most of these losses were the result of disease, malnutrition and exhaustion. The Allies suffered 12,500 casualties, including 2,269 killed.

Where is Orde Wingate buried?

Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia, United States
Orde Wingate/Place of burial

When was the Burma Star awarded to the British?

The Burma Star was a campaign medal awarded for service in World War II to the forces of the British Commonwealth, between 11 th December, 1941 and 2 nd September, 1945, both dates inclusive.

Is the Burma Star Medal made of silver?

Those recipients awarded the Burma Star medal or the Burma Star clasps on the Pacific Star were able to join the Burma Star Association. Materials: The majority of the British medals and clasps are made of solid silver, though some were issued in bronze versions, mainly to Indian non combatants.

Who is on the reverse of the Burma Star?

The centre of the star is the Royal Cipher of King George VI, surmounted by a crown overlaid on a circlet which bears the title of the award ‘The Burma Star.’ The reverse of this medal is the same as other WWII Star campaign medals and plain, with no naming.

What do you wear with the Burma Star?

Those recipients who qualified for both campaign medals of the Pacific Star and Burma Star were awarded a Silver rosette to be worn of the Star that was first earned when the ribbons alone are worn.When the Burma Star medal is worn by the recipient he is entitled to wear a ‘Bar’ with the title ‘Pacific’ attached to the ribbon.