Why did Batman v Superman fail?

1. Superman Betrayed. Of all the characters in Batman v Superman, it’s Superman that arguably gets the worst deal. Yes, Batman v Superman kills Superman off and his death is largely meaningless because he’s barely established himself as a hero yet.

Who has won more Batman or Superman?

Superman Has Beaten Batman More Times in The Comics However, it’s easy to see a pattern in these fights. Batman, after all, is just one human man, and Superman is a super strong alien who could kill a man with a single punch. Batman beating Superman is novel, while Superman beating Batman is to be expected.

Who is a better fight Batman or Superman?

Batman stays packing with gadgets, but his greatest weapon in a fight against Superman is Kryptonite. With enough Kryptonite and other gadgets, Batman would easily win. Superman is a basically a god from another planet. Batman might be cool, rich, and a master fighter—but he’s only a man.

Did Ben Affleck actually get ripped for Batman?

Affleck played arguably the bulkiest version of Batman on the big screen yet, and the actor worked out so much for the role that he eventually got more ripped than his own stunt double, Richard Cetrone.

Is Superman vs Batman flop?

While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t a box office flop—it earned nearly $875 million worldwide—the highly anticipated team-up film between the two most popular superheroes in the DC Universe was a major disappointment for fans, diehard and casual alike.

How strong is Ben Affleck’s Batman?

Even in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, two decades after his crusade against crime began in this universe, he’s still a powerhouse. Now one fan has crunched the numbers and determined that a normal punch from Ben Affleck’s Batman generates approximately 49 pounds of force.

Is Superman vs Batman profitable?

Batman V Superman did $330 million in domestic gross, with $447 million overseas and $95 million in China.

Is Justice League hit or flop?

It had a worldwide opening of $278.8 million. Up against an estimated break-even point of as much as $750 million, Deadline Hollywood reported that the film lost the studio around $60 million. Due to the film losing the studio money, the movie was deemed a “box office bomb” or “flop”.