Are dimension 1 spas good?

Dimension One is a good hot tub brand for medium and large spas. The Executive spa, which seats nine, is one of the largest hot tubs we found in our evaluations and is a great option for entertaining.

How wide are swim spas?

8 feet wide
Swim spas by Master Spas are 8 feet wide, while length varies based on the model, from 11 feet to 19 feet. You need to plan for space to get in and out of the swim spa, as well as allow for clearance for service. Master Spas recommends allowing for three feet on each side of the swim spa.

What size is a 4/6 person hot tub?

Standard Hot Tub Size Chart

Hot Tub Size (Ranges) Length: Height:
Small (2 to 4 People) 5’4” to 7″ 29” – 35”
Medium (4 to 6 People) 6’6” to 7’9” 33” to 38.5”
Large (7+ People) 7’+ 36” to 38”

What does FLC mean on a hot tub?

reading closed
Now, if you have an FLC, which means it’s reading closed when it’s not running. So, you’re going to go again. Qualify. Make sure the pump is not running and there’s no movement in the tub. There’s nothing flowing through this actual heater and it’s going FLC which means it’s closed.

How do I test my hot tub control panel?

If the problem persists, turn the breaker off and disconnect the panel to examine the circuit board. Turn the power on and check if the hot tub heats up or starts to filter. The surest way to check if a control panel works is to use one you know is working and connect it to the circuit board.

How much space do you need around a hot tub?

Space. There must be enough room not just for movement or getting in and out of your tub, but also for maintenance. You’ll need to choose a location that allows for easy access to the inner workings of the hot tub. We recommend leaving at least 30 inches around all sides and back panels of the hot tub.

Where can I buy dimension one spa parts?

We have original Dimension One Spa Parts at our store: Spa Jets, Spa pumps, Laing Heaters, Spa Ozone, Spa Pillows, Hot Tub Heaters, Vision Cartridge, Spa Filters, and More. Easy Spa Parts specializes in spa filters and hot tub filters for all Dimension One Spas (D1 Spas), Dimension One and Dimension One Spa Parts.

What are the parts of a dimension one hot tub?

Dimension One Spa Parts are available in many different products, such as: Upper Controls, D1 Jets, Dimension One Filters D1 Pillows, Vision Cartridges, Water Care, Spa Covers, Electronics, Ozone Systems, EZ Lifter and Covers, and other hot tub products and parts of Dimension One.

What kind of spa parts does easy Spa use?

Easy Spa Parts specializes in spa filters and hot tub filters for all Dimension One Spas (D1 Spas), Dimension One and Dimension One Spa Parts.

How are the seats in D1 spas made?

The seats in our spas are based on over 100 measurements of the human body so you can always find the perfect fit. D1 is also committed to the quality of your tub for life.