Are GHDS from Amazon genuine?

If you purchase from Amazon and not a 3rd party seller then they are real . GHD website state Amazon as an Authorized seller.

What do fake GHDS look like?

New GHD products feature a hologram label on the power cable. In position 1 the hologram should read ‘Original’. It also details a code which can be entered into the GHD website to check authenticity. In position 2 the hologram should show the GHD sunburst logo.

Is GHD made in China?

Many years ago when GHD came on the scene, they revolutionised the straightening iron. GHD was taken over by another company and they decided to go mass market. In order to do so they started manufacturing out of China instead of Korea.

What makes GHD so good?

The GHD iron quickly heats and automatically adjusts the temperature to suit the need of your hair, which is brilliant. The plates are heat optimised, so you do not need to feel the temperature by putting your hand near it. The gold-coated ceramic plates boast a smooth surface.

Are ghd straighteners made in China?

What are the best GHD hair straighteners to get?

CLOUD NINE Original Iron

  • ghd original professional styler
  • white hair styler
  • black hair styler
  • CLOUD NINE The Wide Iron
  • CLOUD NINE The Micro Iron
  • Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Ceramic Straightener
  • Silver Bullet Keratin 230 Ceramic Wide Plate Straightener
  • Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener
  • ghd gold professional hair styler
  • What straightener is best?

    A flat iron that can be considered the best hair straightener on the market is Remington Ceramic straightener. It is a great styling product, and it has won the TotalBeauty Award in 2016.

    What are straighteners better?

    Ceramics These are the most common go-to hair straighteners due to their reliability and low price point.

  • Tourmaline Tourmaline hair straighteners are great for women who have frizzy hair.
  • Titanium