Are Limar helmets good?

On the road, the Air Pro does what other Limar helmets of the past have. It’s light enough, shaped well enough and the retention system is secure and low profile enough that you basically forget you’re wearing it. The helmet crushed and cracked but held together and stayed in place.

Do Limar helmets have MIPS?

Limar chose the revolutionary and innovative Mips Air solution, much lighter and more ventilated than the common one. This is achieved through the integration of the Mips Brain Protection System and the LIMAR comfort padding, the result is enhanced comfort, fit and great air flow inside the helmet.

Where are Limar helmets made?

Some have mixed Italian and Chinese origin lines like Limar, but at least three say all or most of their models are still Made in Italy: LAS says they have four made in Asia and the rest in Italy, including the Virtus and Cobalto certified to CPSC for the US market.

Are Bell Helmets made in China?

All Bell Helmets are manufactured in China, they no longer contribute to the American worker by supporting US factory production & domestic wages.

Is there a freighter version of the 777?

Boeing 777-200F – Freighter version of the 777. It is a mix of the fuselage of the 777-200 and the fuel tanks of the 777-300ER. It started to fly for airlines in 2009. Blueprints of the 2nd generation of Boeing 777 aircraft.

What’s the difference between the 777X and the 300ER?

There are two variants of the 777X available right now. Size-wise, there’s not a lot of difference between the 777X and the 777-300ER. The 777-8 is slightly smaller than the 777-300ER, and the 777-9 is slightly bigger. The main differences are in the design, technologies, and efficiencies.

Which is the successor to the Boeing 777?

The 777X is its natural successor. The 777X has had a troubled start, but Boeing is making inroads with its test flights this year. In a few years, we should see the 777X touch down at airports around the world. It’s going to be interesting to see how popular the plane proves with passengers.

Which is better the 777X or the 787?

However, there is far more to the new 777X than just better range and passenger capacity. The new 777X program builds off the technology developed and proven in the 787, some of which are: Latest GE engines. These engines are cutting edge and will allow the plane to fly further on less fuel (and be better for the environment!)