Are Sensui and Itsuki together?

Some fans might argue that Sensui and Itsuki’s relationship is one sided, similar to Kuwabara’s love for Yukina. Itsuki is devoted to Sensui to the point of obsession. He blatantly states that he desires Sensui as a lover, so we know this devotion is not some sort of platonic, brotherly love.

Can Gon beat Killua in fight?

Killua is mentally more of a veteran, and Gon does not really surpass him in any category in combat. And with Killua’s Godspeed, I don’t think Gon would be able to even touch Killua. Talking in raw power, Gon could give Killua some damage, but Killua would just some beastly assassin skills, and boom.

What episode does Killua betray Gon?

Episode 147 (2011)

What episode does Killua try to kill himself with a train?

The Strong X and X the Weak.

Why did raizen stop eating humans?

Raizen’s relationship with the human girl he fell in love with and his decision to stop eating humans for good both reference the possibilities for Meruem’s character from Togashi’s other work, Hunter X Hunter.

Who is stronger than Killua?

Hisoka’s abilities as a fighter surpass those of Killua’s and that’s no surprise since Hisoka thinks that Killua can grow stronger and is still not ready to fight him yet. Thanks to his newfound abilities during the Chimera Ant arc in the anime, Killua is one step closer to achieving that goal now.

Who has Killua killed?

9 He Murders One Of The Other Contestants In The Hunter Licensing Exam. Killua kills Bodoro during the Hunter Exam, despite the fact that it’s against the rules to do so. After stabbing him through the chest from behind, he is disqualified from the Exam, and he therefore fails.

Did Killua ever betray Gon?

The third time Gon saved Killua was during the movie, The Phantom Rogue which takes place just after the Yorknew arc. He then tells Killua that he doesn’t want to hear about a betrayal, that it doesn’t matter because it’s Killua; essentially there is nothing Killua can do to betray Gon.

What does Illumi say to Killua in killugon?

This is interrupted when Illumi, Killua’s brother, tells Killua at the end of the final part of the exam that someone like Killua has nothing he wants and should return home. Killua states that his largest desire is to be friends with Gon, and Illumi interjects that his desire is really to kill Gon, not befriend him.

How did Killua and Gon become best friends?

Killua and Gon become best friends when they meet each other during the Hunter Exam. Although they are foils of each other – Killua is clever, rational, and logical while Gon is impulsive, reckless, and optimistic – they are extremely compatible both in fights and in daily life.

How are Killua and Gon alike and different?

Although they are foils of each other– Killua is clever, rational, and logical while Gon is impulsive, reckless, and optimistic– they are extremely compatible both in fights and in daily life.

Why did Killua knock out Gon in killugon?

Killua is forced to knock out Gon when they encounter an enemy that is too difficult for the two to handle, and Killua runs carrying Gon away from the enemy. After reaching town, Killua expresses regret that he left Kite, their mutual mentor, alone to die. Gon tells Killua he didn’t, that Kite is surely okay.