Are there many pubs on the Norfolk Broads?

The Norfolk Broads are home to everything from traditional village inns to more modern gastro pubs. All of the pubs we’ve included are easily accessible by boat, with many of them overlooking the tranquil surroundings of the Broads.

Can you drink on the Norfolk Broads?

Advice from Norfolk Broadsbeat here. However, there are countless pubs on the Broads which all rely on the tourist trade for survival. So moor up, enjoy a meal and a drink with them and retire to your boat as merry as you like, just don’t move till morning! Most people will drink whilst enjoying the sun and cruising.

Which is the best Norfolk Broad?

10 Sights on the Norfolk Broads you Won’t Want to Miss

  • How Hill. A real must see on your boating holiday is How Hill Trust.
  • Ranworth. A ‘must-see’ on any trip to the Norfolk Broads…
  • Thurne Mill.
  • Hickling Broad Nature Reserve.
  • Sunken Wherries on Surlingham Broad.
  • Norwich Cathedral.
  • Wroxham.

How much does it cost to moor a boat on the Norfolk Broads?

Natural moorings in the heart of The Norfolk Broads Boats a minimum 20 feet in length up to 24 feet, in stern-on pens are charged at £51.50 per foot per annum and boats over 24 feet in length, in either stern-on or side-on pens, are charged at £55 per foot per annum – no VAT to pay!

Can you sail on the Norfolk Broads at night?

The maximum speed limit on the Norfolk Broads is between 3-6mph. Cruising should only be done during the hours from dawn and dusk.

Can you drink and drive a narrowboat?

The Railways and Transport Safety Act states that it is illegal to operate a boat whilst over the drink-drive limit. If you have been charged with being unfit due to drink or drugs, no matter what mode of transport you were using, then you need expert legal advice.

What is the largest broad in Norfolk?

The largest broads by size are Hickling Broad, Barton Broad and Oulton Broad.

Are the Norfolk Broads natural?

The broads are man-made waterways created by peat digging. The first written evidence of this dates back to the 12th century when much of east Norfolk had been cleared of its woodland for fuel and building materials. For the next 200 years peat digging was a major industry.

Can you live on a boat on the Norfolk Broads?

‘Yes, there are people living on beaten up boats and those who don’t follow the rules, but there are also some wealthy people living on boats too. ‘ He said there were many challenges to living on a boat, but technology made it easier.

Do you need to book moorings on Norfolk Broads?

No need to pre book moorings. Alternative to getting to Norwich you could go to Beccles or Oulton Broad. Although I live near Oulton Broad it is probably only worth it for the journey and, if you are interested and it fits your schedule, the Powerboat Racing.

Is there a map of the Norfolk Broads?

Here is a comprehensive map of pub locations on the Norfolk Broads, keyed to a detailed listing of what services each one offers, such as food provision, outside seating areas to enjoy the summer, entertainment on offer and whether the establishment is dog friendly, (shown as DF on the grid below).

Are there any family friendly pubs in Norfolk?

Modern family friendly pubs offer a range of facilities such as children’s play areas, gardens and entertainment, all to ensure that everyone holidaying in the Norfolk Broads has a great experience.

Where can I book a mooring on the Norfolk Broads?

Broads Authority 24hr Moorings cannot be booked in advance. Walks are pinned at the nearest point from a mooring, more detailed information on walking trails can be found by visiting Norfolk County Council’s Interactive Norfolk Trails. If you are looking to book a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads browse our cruisers.

Is the Stracey Arms on the Norfolk Broads?

1- Was the Stracey Arms long ago. For Travel times please see distance chart. See who is boating on The Norfolk Broads at the same time as you. You can also enter your holiday dates for others to see. See who is boating on The Norfolk Broads at the same time as you. You can also enter your holiday dates for others to see.