Can I collect my mail from the sorting office?

If you miss your delivery, it will be available for collection at your local sorting office and a Missed Delivery slip will be left at your address to advise you where to collect your item. You can collect your item at your local sorting office.

How do I speak to someone at the post office?

Post Office

  1. 0345 722 3344. Call connection service, Calls cost 7p per minute plus your standard network charge.
  2. Post Office Contact Numbers. Post Office.
  3. Post Office.
  4. Customer Services.
  5. Travel Insurance.
  6. Currency.
  7. Mortgage.
  8. Other Services.

What time does Royal Mail deliver Plymouth?

Opening Times:

Monday 8am – 2pm
Tuesday 8am – 7pm
Wednesday 8am – 7pm
Thursday 8am – 8pm
Friday 8am – 7pm

How do I complain to Royal Mail UK?

To make a complaint call us on 03457 740740 or complete our dedicated form here. Should you wish to cancel your complaint, you can do so here. You can also write to us, please read the important message here before doing so.

Can I use post office as my address?

In general, a post office box can be used instead of a street address when establishing a place for people to send mail, but not when someone needs to identify himself to the government. They have to identify each employee by name, social security number, and address in order to make those payments.

What time is Royal Mail delivery in my area?

We aim to deliver to addresses in urban areas by 3pm every working day and addresses in rural areas by 4pm every working day (exceptions are made for remote areas with limited transport links such as the Highlands and Islands of Scotland).

What time does Plympton post office close?

Opening Times:

Monday 6am – 11pm
Thursday 6am – 11pm
Friday 6am – 11pm
Saturday 6am – 11pm
Sunday Closed

How do I speak to Royal Mail?

If your enquiry or complaint is about the collection or delivery of your mail, lost damaged or delayed mail, redirecting your mail, tracking an item or advice on what services to use when posting an item, you will need to speak to Royal Mail on 03457 740740 or visit Royal Mail.

What happens if you don’t collect parcel from post office?

If a recipient is not at home, a card is left informing them that their item has been forwarded to the local delivery office to be collected at a convenient time. In the case of non-collection from a delivery office, the item is returned to the sender after 18 calendar days.”