Can you ride scooters at Woodward?

Drop in to Camp Woodward and be a part of the world’s largest scooter community. Here you can ride with the pros to progress your skills while you go all out on our world-class facilities.

What ages can go to Woodward?

How old do you have to be to attend Woodward Residential Camp? The majority of our campers are between the ages of 7 and 17. We offer Adult Camp for anyone 18+ during select weeks of the summer. Ski & Snowboard camp weeks 1-3 are open to adults in 2019.

How long is Woodward Scooter camp?

Our week-long day camps offer 5 days of sport-specific instruction from Monday–Friday.

How much does Woodward cost for a week?

Now down to the nitty-gritty. Are the Camp Woodward sessions worth the price? Camp Woodward rates have jumped up to about $1,300 a week (without airfare and travel expenses).

How much does it cost to go to Woodward Camp?

Are Camp Woodward Sessions Worth It?

Camp Woodward Go Skate Camp
Price $900-$1200 (plus airfare) Price $499-999 (no airfare)✅
Travel Needed Camp Comes to You
Only Dates When Camp is Running Year-round, flexible dates
Only 1 facility Partnerships with facilities throughout America

Is Woodward a beginner?

DO YOU HAVE TO BE A CERTAIN SKILL LEVEL TO ATTEND WOODWARD? Woodward West welcomes all! Each session we get all ability levels from beginner to advanced.

How expensive is it to go to Woodward?

Can adults go to Woodward?

Woodward, it turns out, is open to anyone over seven years of age. (The camp sleeps 1,100.) Its summer programs are the most popular, but there are also weekend getaways for families and adults who want to visit in off seasons or avoid crowds of youngsters.

Who owns Woodward?

Gary Ream is president and partner in Sports Management Group, Inc., owner of Woodward Camp, Woodward West, and Lake Owen action sports and gymnastics summer camps. Ream has been integral in advancing the popularity of skateboarding, BMX, and inline skating.

Is there a skateboarding camp at Woodward West?

If you ride scooters, then Woodward is where you want to be. Each of our facilities, from Animal Chin to The Junction, have been selected and designed by our leadership team, pros, and staff because they offer a unique experience for our skateboarding campers.

How much does Woodward West gymnastics camp cost?

Woodward West offers a unique camp experience combining premier tumbling coaching and summer camp fun. $1,299 Learn More. Gymnastics Camp Gymnastics Camp. Whether you are a beginner or a high-level competitive gymnast, our gymnastics camp is perfect for you! $1,299 Learn More.

How old do you have to be to go to Woodward Tahoe?

Woodward Tahoe hosts 8 weeks of action sports summer camp for youth ages 5–17. Camp programs include skateboard, BMX, mountain bike, scooter, parkour, and multi-sport. Plus, visiting pros and awesome coaches will make sure kids leave camp with plenty of new tricks up their sleeve.

What do you do at Woodward summer camp?

Summer Camp at Woodward PA is THE place to elevate your skills, empower personal growth, and stoke your passions. From gymnastics to skateboarding, cheer to BMX and everything in between, Woodward is the ultimate summer camp destination! Come experience the magic of Woodward with your family and friends!