Coolsculpting: What’s it for and is it worth the money?

Coolsculpting: What’s it for and is it worth the money?


First and foremost, let’s talk about what Coolsculpting is before we get into any further detail. Coolsculpting is a fat freezing technology also referred to as cryolipolysis. In a nutshell, this machine use an an applicator that aides in freezing the layer of fat underneath your skin. When frozen to a certain temperature, the fat cells in effect “die” and are sent for digestion into your liver. Coolsculpting technology allows humans to effectively spot treat fat for the first time in their history. Now yes, i know what you’re thinking.. what about all those late night infomercials of waste trainers and ab rollers and what not? Well, those don’t spot treat fat honey buns. They might work out specific abdominal muscles or what not, but there’s no way to target just your arms, or just your belly or just your face when losing weight.. Until now.


Well, it actually does believe it or not. It’s been proven in clinic testing by the FDA to burn up to 25% of the fat in a given area. Now I am not big on clinical trials, or the FDA for that matter but all personal bias aside, these fat freezing technologies do what they say they are going to do. Furthermore, clinics have the results and testimonials to prove it. Now what happens to your fat cells and what kind of taxing effect they have on the liver remains to be seen. Not to mention, after you gain these results, how long does your body keep the weight off that particular area for? We put on weight in 2 ways. One is genetically and the other is based on what we eat. If you consume a lot of processed foods and toxins, you may develop what Paul Chek refers to as ‘Syndrome X’. This syndrome results in the huge guts that run rampant in America for both men and women. The reason fat is stored this way is due to the fact that so many toxins and chemicals are being consumed that the body, in an effort to keep them away from your vital organs stores them as far away as possible. It does this in order to keep you ALIVE. I wonder if the FDA tested what happens to these patients when the fat is release?


Glad you asked. Yes but of course there are! Coolsculpting is basically genericized trademark that due to its early entry into the market combined with a massive marketing budget became the household name for the procedure otherwise known as body sculpting or body contouring. That being said, cavitation, smart lipo, fat freezing and cryolipolysis are all pretty much interchangeable titles for the non-surgical liposuction procedure although scientifically they may do different things. Below are some other brand names and their differences.

Coolsculpting: What’s it for and is it worth the money?TruSculpt 3D

TruSculpt 3D is made by Cutera and is a newer technology than Coolsculpting.  In addition, it’s applicator is better for a more customize-able experience. We mean different body types. Furthermore, TruSculpt 3D adds another component layer of skin tightening to the equation. A big issue with excessive weight gain is that when people are strong willed enough to lose the weight, their skin is stretched out and depending on the severity of it, may need another medical procedure. TruSculpt 3D freezes fat away and tightens skin for superior results. If you are looking for a TruScuplt 3D provider, SLIM Health Center in Hallandale Beach is an amazing anti-aging clinic with the reviews and testimonials to prove it.

Another amazing thing about TruSculpt 3D is that it yields less redness, little to no swelling and absolutely no bruising unlike some of it’s competitors. The one drawback about the machine is that Cutera does not supply it’s vendors with any media whatsoever making it a bit harder for them to create effective ads in an ultra competitive market.


This machine is made by Cynosure and boasts a bigger budget than TruSculpt 3D. With celebrities such as Brooke Shields endorsing their product, they are able to have their providers use proper media in Facebook ads and other campaigns. Unfortunately, word on the streets from patients is that results aren’t so good and can even be lumpy at times. This might call for more sessions to even out the treatment, which means more money.


emSCULPT is a bit different yet still falls in the same arena as the other machines. This product is picking up steam due to their large displays in shopping malls where they administer their treatment to eager shoppers and on-lookers alike. But it is more of a muscle building treatment and requires a minimum of 4 sessions.  Patients compare it to doing 20,000 sit-ups and 20,000 squats. There is no pre-treatment or preparation and is amazing for.  The emSculpt is perfect for people that are in shape and just need a little boost in their physical fitness routine. Mom’s who had just experience a pregnancy LOVE the EMsculpt. The way the treatment works is that the clinician gradually increases the intensity of the electromagnetic field, which increases the super maximal contractions. The Emsculpt is a combination of fat burning and muscle building. It is advised that you go to the gym and have a regular physical fitness program after your EMsculpt results. The sessions are recommended over a 2 week period and run about $1000 a pop making it a $4k investment. Patients say you will most definitely feel the soreness after your sessions and that it takes about 3 weeks to see full results.

Coolsculpting: What’s it for and is it worth the money?SO WHO ARE FAT FREEZING PROCEDURES REALLY FOR?

We’d recommend these machines for people who are in shape. These are not weight loss tools. If you need to lose weight, try eating a lot of vegetables and cutting down on complex carbs. Bad complex carbohydrates are foods that are starch based such as bread and potatoes, etc. Oh ya, cheese is no good for you and definitely no beer or alcohol. Combine that with a subtle fitness routine and you should see the weight melt off in no time. I’m quite bewildered at the lack of understand the human species have for their own bodies. It is probably the greatest drawback in our evolution. Patients who see the most astounding results are those who just have troublesome areas they can’t seem to overcome no matter how hard they work. A lot of the times, this happens to mom’s who have experienced a pregnancy that’s altered their body. If you are in South Florida, check out this Fort Lauderdale Coolsculpting clinic.  They have some amazing google reviews, testimonials and also equip the TruSculpt 3D machine which as we mentioned before is the superior technology in the industry.


When it comes to medical weight loss, there are endless amount of methodologies that modern medicine has come up with to help you burn fat. This includes Weight Loss IV’s, the HCG Diet, phentermine appetite suppressors and lipotropic injections just to name a few. If you are really looking to lose weight, I suggest buying a Kuvings or Breville juicer and loading up on Nativo Acai. Those 2 changes to your diet alone will allow you to get through most of the day without a Big Mac. Personally, I like to slice yellow and orange peppers alongside fresh cucumbers. Slice them suckers up and have some Whole Foods guacamole on the side (for the cucumbers). A little Himalayan salt on top and you’ll no longer have to have 30 servings of grains a week. Well that’s it for today kids. I hope you enjoyed the article.