Did someone died watching The Exorcist?

Nine deaths Two actors, Vasiliki Maliaros and Jack MacGowran, who were scripted to die in the film also died in real life during the post production stage of the film.

Where is The Exorcist movie banned?

Released in cinemas in America on St. Stephen’s Day 1973 and around the world in early 1974, The Exorcist is celebrating an anniversary this year in Ireland as, until 1998, it was effectively banned.

How many people have died from watching The Exorcist?

A staggering nine deaths were connected to the 1973 film The Exorcist, which follows the demonic possession of a 12-year-old girl and her mother’s attempt to save her with the aid of two priests.

Does the girl in The Exorcist died?

The number even includes two actors who lost their fictional lives in the movie, Jack MacGowran, and Vasilik Maliaros. They both died before The Exorcist could be released. In addition to the deaths, both Linda Blair and the actress who played Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn) permanently injured their backs while filming.

What movie is scarier than The Exorcist?

Due to its creepy twin little girls and hallways filled with blood, The Shining is often put in competition with The Exorcist as the scariest movie ever.

Is the Exorcist a true story?

The Exorcist: A True Story. The most horrifying movie ever made ‘The Exorcist (1973)’ which broke the box office records was inspired by a true story of a 13 year old boy who was believed to be possessed by a devil in 1949. His exorcism was recorded in a diary by the father who conducted his exorcism.

Was the Exorcist set cursed?

But after many strange and catastrophic occurrences, many became convinced that the film set and the movie itself were cursed by a demon. Read on to learn about a series of tragic events that led many to believe THE EXORCIST is in fact cursed. 1. THE EXORCIST is based off a real life event.

Is the Exorcist movie Cursed?

The Curse of The Exorcist. Most movie lovers have heard about the curse of The Exorcist, many say that it is extremely bad luck to have any involvement with the film, even people who watch the movie have had tragic mishaps or deaths.

Is the Exorcist cursed?

The film was blamed for a large number of suicides in the mid-1970’s due to the fact that they could not stomach what they had seen in the movie. There are many films, especially films depicting possession and demonic involvement, that have been labelled as cursed, but none as severely as The Exorcist.