Does a John Deere 318 have a rear PTO?

John Deere 318 is a garden tractor manufactured in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA. It preceded JD 317 in the John Deere 300 series….General Specifications.

Model John Deere 318
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTO independent
Rear RPM 2000
Front PTO independent

How do you engage rear PTO on a John Deere tractor?

PTO can be engaged or disengaged without operating clutch. Push down and forward on PTO switch (A or B) to engage PTO clutch. Pull back PTO switch (A or B) to disengage clutch.

What engine is in a John Deere 318?

John Deere 318 – John Deere 318 Lawn Tractor The 318 can be repowered with the 18 hp or 23 hp horizontal shaft Vanguard engine and still have the side panels put back on.

What motor is in a John Deere 318?

Onan B43G
John Deere 318 Engine

Engine Detail
Onan B43G
air-cooled horizontal-shaft opposed twin
The Onan B43G was used from 1983 to 1987, ending with tractor serial number M00318X420000.
Displacement 709 cc 43.3 ci

What does mid and rear PTO mean?

Mid- and rear-PTO shafts are operated through a separate clutch that is completely independent of the engine clutch and transmission. Allows PTO to be engaged or disengaged while machine is stopped or on-the-go.

How fast can a John Deere 318 go?


Rated Operating Capacity – Optional Counterweight Foundry, kg (lbs) 951 (2095)
Tipping Load – Foundry, kg (lbs) 1766 (3890)
Axle Torque – Maximum, Nm (lbf / ft) 6459 (4764)
Speed – Maximum, kph (mph) 11.1 (6.9)
Speed – Maximum Option, kph (mph) 16.3 (10.1)

What is a mid PTO for?

The mid PTO provides independent control and power to front- and mid-mounted implements (i.e. mid-mowers or snowblowers). It can be engaged independently of the rear PTO or in combination with the rear PTO. To disengage the PTO, the operator would push down on the PTO switch located on the right-hand side of the dash.