Does The Last of Us Collectors Edition come with a ps4?

The LAST of us part II Collector’s Edition Includes the following content:-48 page mini art book from dark horse-steelbook case including full game-12” ellie statue-lithograph art print and thank you letter -replica of ellie’s bracelet-set of 6 enamel pins-set of 5 stickers-ps4 dynamic theme-set of 6 psn avatars- …

What does the last of us 2 Ellie Edition come with?

The LAST of us part II ellie Edition includes the following content:-the last of us part II logo patch-7” vinyl record Featuring music from the original soundtrack-replica of ellie’s backpack-48 page mini art book from dark horse-steelbook case with full game-12” ellie statue-lithograph art print and thank you letter – …

Does The Last of Us 2 Collector’s Edition come with the game?

The Last of Us Part II Collector’s Edition Includes: SteelBook Case including Full Game.

How much was the Witcher 3 Collector’s Edition?

Witcher 3 Collector’s Edition Statue The Witcher 3 Collector’s Edition was available for around $200 in the US when it was originally up for pre-order, and the bulk of that price was likely attributed to the 12″ tall Polystone figure of Geralt battling a Griffin.

Is Ghost of Tsushima collector’s edition sold out?

Ghost of Tsushima Collector’s Edition – SOLD OUT As for the physical items, you’ll get: Sakai mask and stand.

What is the last of us post pandemic Edition?

This Post-Pandemic Edition comes in a steelbook case and includes a 12-inch statue of Joel and Ellie, a voucher to download the Sights and Sounds DLC pack, the first issue of The Last of Us: American Dreams prequel comic, and a variety of multiplayer boosts and bonuses.

How much is Last of Us2 Ellie Edition?

The Last of Us Part 2 Ellie Edition The limited-release Ellie Edition costs $229.99, and includes a replica of Ellie’s backpack, an embroidered patch, and a vinyl copy of the soundtrack in addition to everything included in the Collector’s Edition.

What is Witcher3 Collector’s Edition?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Collector’s Edition is the most prestigious version of the game in the entire series’ history. Forged of supreme quality materials, containing the Standard Edition plus exclusive content straight from the developers, The Witcher 3 Collector’s Edition is every Witcher fan’s dream come true.

Why is Ghost of Tsushima sold out?

A major reason why Ghost has become a new contender to the sales throne is due to how fast the game has sold in Japan. In a Tweet from the PlayStation Japan account, the company revealed that the game has exceeded sales expectations and stores have begun to completely sell out.

What’s included in Ghost of Tsushima Special Edition?

Ghost of Tsushima Special Edition Includes:

  • Game.
  • SteelBook Case.
  • 1 Technique Point*
  • Charm of Hachiman’s Favor*
  • Hero of Tsushima Skin Set*: Golden Mask, Sword Kit.
  • Digital Mini Art Book by Dark Horse*