How do I find a local family to Adopt for Christmas?

Contact your local Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services or Salvation Army or visit to be matched with your recipient(s), ideally similar in age to your own children. After you learn the specifics about your recipient(s) (age, gender, etc.), brainstorm gift ideas with your family.

How does Adopt a family for Christmas work?

How It Works. Through this ‘adoption’ process, low-income families are matched with a donor who purchases gift cards to provide seasonal gifts and necessities for the family. The donor drops the gift cards off at one of our centers in Alameda or Contra Costa County and we distribute the gift cards to the adopted family …

What is Adopt a family program?

What is the Adopt-A-Family program? The Adopt-a-Family Program was developed to help children and families who are in need of clothing, food and toys for the holidays. Volunteer & Partner Services works within the community to help these families in times of need, not just during the holiday season.

How can I help my family at Christmas?

How can you help a family in need this year?

  1. Donating my time at our local soup kitchen.
  2. Plan and prepare a meal for a family.
  3. Help with the local food drive.
  4. Invite a family in need over for a holiday dinner.
  5. Collect donations from family and friends to give to a family in need.

Can I adopt-a-family?

Dually authorised carers may adopt a child in NSW where the Children’s Court has determined the child cannot live with their family.

Is there an Adopt a family Christmas program?

Adopt-A-Family Christmas Program – not everyone has time to select a family, shop for their needs, wrap the gifts and bring them by. If you would rather we do the work for you, we’re happy to with your donation.

What does the adopt a family program do?

If you are not familiar with the Adopt-A-Family program, our sole goal is to serve everyone who needs assistance during the holiday season. The program is designed to match needy families and individuals (Adoptee) in the area with families, groups and organizations (Adopter) that are willing to help so everyone can enjoy the Christmas holidays.

Where to get free Christmas gifts in Illinois?

Charities across Waukegan Illinois as well as Lake County provide help at the holidays. Based on donation levels and fund raisers, there may be free Christmas toys, clothing or gifts as well as food baskets.

How is Christmas assistance used in DuPage County?

The assistance is combined with case management. During the fall and winter, donations are used from Adopt-a-Family to provide Christmas or Thanksgiving meals, toys, presents, and more. There is also home delivery for seniors, shelter, referrals, and other support.