How do you become a ninja on Club Penguin?

How to Become a Ninja in Club Penguin

  1. Logging in- Log in to your Club Penguin game.
  2. The Dojo- Open your map and locate the Dojo.
  3. Speaking with Sensei- When you enter the Dojo, tap on Sensei.
  4. Black belt- You will need your black belt in order to be able to defeat Sensei later on.

How do you become a fire ninja?

Becoming a Fire Ninja

  1. Go to the Fire Dojo.
  2. Talk to Sensei and receive Card-Jitsu Cards from him.
  3. Play Card-Jitsu Fire and obtain the full Fire Suit.
  4. Challenge Sensei. Once you defeat him, you will become a Fire Ninja and obtain the Fire Gem.

How do you become a water ninja on Club Penguin rewritten 2020?

To become a water Ninja first go to the Dojo Courtyard via the map. Once you’re at the Dojo Courtyard the room will look like this: On the far left there is a door. To be able to go through the door you must be a black belt ninja with the Ninja Mask.

How long does it take to get black belt in Club Penguin?

Purple belt – 64 total wins needed. Brown belt – 76 total wins needed. Black belt – 88 total wins needed. Remember- these are total wins.

How does Club Penguin Card-Jitsu work?

Card-Jitsu is a card game in which players play against other penguins. Each turn, the player picks a card from a deck of 5 randomly drawn cards. Each card is has its own point value and an element. If same element, highest number wins.

How many wins do you need for each belt in Club Penguin?

White belt – 5 total wins needed. Yellow belt – 13 total wins needed. Orange belt – 21 total wins needed. Green belt – 30 total wins needed.

How do you get the card-jitsu fire?

In the game, the player earned parts of a Fire Suit, unlike in Card-Jitsu, where the player would earn belts. Once the player has earned all four parts of the Fire Suit, they would be able to challenge Sensei. Defeating Sensei would earn the player the Fire Gem for their Amulet.

How do I get to the fire dojo?

In order to access the Fire Dojo you must be a member. Click on the red stone on the left. Once you click it an entrance will pop up. Waddle through the door and you will be taken to the Volcano.

Does Club Penguin rewritten have water dojo?

The Water Dojo is an unreleased room in Club Penguin Rewritten. It, along with Card-Jitsu Water, was originally going to be released in November 2019, but was postponed due to time constraints.

How do you get a water suit in Club Penguin rewritten?

To earn the Water Suit, you had to win many rounds of Card-Jitsu Water by being the last one standing or hitting the gong before your opponents.