How do you play Scattergories baby shower?

How to Play Baby Shower Scattergories

  1. Pick 3 Letters.
  2. Set up Your Card.
  3. Set a Time Limit.
  4. Fill Out Each Category.
  5. Share Answers with Other Players.
  6. Repeat.
  7. Announce the Winner.
  8. What’s the Difference Between Baby Shower Scattergories and Regular scattergories?

Can you use proper nouns in Scattergories?

When answering with a proper name, you may use the first or last name, as long as the key letter is the first letter of your answer. Extra points: When answering with proper names or titles, score an extra point for using the key letter more than once as a first letter in your answer.

What is baby shower bingo?

Baby shower bingo is a popular baby shower game that guests and the moms-to-be just simply adore. How to Play Baby Shower Bingo: Have guests fill in the bingo card squares with gifts they think that the mom-to-be will receive. The guests play bingo as she opens her gifts.

Who made the game Scattergories?

Hasbro Winning Moves Games

Published by Hasbro Winning Moves Games USA
Players 2–6
Setup time 1–3 minutes
Playing time a little over 3 minutes per round
Random chance Low

How many games should a baby shower have?

A typical baby shower lasts about 3 hours, so you can expect to play about 5 games at most. You will want to have enough games to keep everyone occupied but not so many that you are rushing people through each game.

Is there a Scattergories game for a baby shower?

All of your guests will have a blast playing this super fun baby shower scattergories game. Featuring two different baby themed lists, this free printable.. Scattergories is the perfect game whether youre hosting a party, playing with family or friends, or just want a fun game to play.

Is there a way to print a baby shower game?

– Free Printable Baby Shower Game in four different colors. These game printables are in PNG format and you can easily print these using your home printer. The best size for these games is A4 but you can resize and scale these according to your requirements, using your printer’s settings.

Is there sperm on the egg baby shower game?

Today I made this Free Printable Paste the Sperm on the Egg Baby Shower Game which is a baby shower version of the classic ‘pin the tale on the donkey game‘. This fun baby shower game can be played on couples shower and any other baby shower where guests are ready for some fun and laughter. I am sharing a free printable template for this game.

Are there printable versions of the Scattergories game?

If you love the game Scattergories, then you will love these Disney Scattergories Printable. Just print them out and play the game! Love the game Scattergories and ready to mix in a little variety to your gameplay? Give these new Scattergories lists to try during your next game night!