How do you remove a Tissot T Touch Band?

Rubber Bands The method of spring bar removal varies but is usually performed by pushing a small pointed tool (one end of a spring bar tool) into a hole at the end of the clasp. While depressing the spring rod, pull the buckle away from the bracelet to detach. Repeat this for both sides of the buckle.

How do you open a Tissot watch clasp?

Flip up the lock (located above the “T” logo), which has an indent under it big enough to slide your nail under. Then, flip up the clasp by using your nail underneath the pull tab (Above the lock ).

How does deployment buckle work?

Invented in 1910 by Louis Cartier, deployment watch clasps fold and unfold to provide a tailored fit. When a deployment clasp is closed, its buckle is virtually invisible. In order to look invisible, a deployment clasp watch band has two “wings” that fold in toward the middle from opposite ends of the clasp.

How long are Tissot watches guaranteed for?

two years
Tissot warranties its watches against defect for up to two years. However, warranty details may vary based on model and region.

How long should a battery last in a Tissot watch?

In ideal conditions, the watch has a battery life of up to 6 months if connected and 10 years if used independently (without the app).

What should I do with my new Tissot watch?

We’ve got the answer! Have a look through our database of frequently asked questions. Give your watch a fresh look with a new strap or bracelet. Mix colours with compatible straps and create your own unique Tissot watch. Learn how to use the most advanced functions of your watch and check what your international warranty covers.

Are there different types of Tissot watch bands?

In addition to variation in material, Tissot watch bands also vary in type of clasp like butterfly and folding clasps. Besides this, there are also bands available without a clasp, where the clasps are sold separately.

When did the first Tissot Watch come out?

We produce watches since 1853 and keep treasures in our archives. If you own a Tissot collector watch, we can tell you the history of your watch. This historical research service, which is available for watches that are no longer part of the current collection, incurs a charge.

What do you need to know about the Tissot user manual?

The Tissot user’s manual give information about the use, the settings and the maintenance of the different Tissot watches. Download your user’s manual : Tissot watches bought from an authorised retailer are covered by a 24 month sales warranty as per below conditions, downloadable in PDF format.