How do you reset the image drum on a OKI printer?

Reset the drum counter to clear the “Change Drum Message”. Enter the printer Status Monitor software. Click on Operator Panel. Click on the Options tab….OL810e

  1. Turn printer on while holding MENU 1/Menu 2 button until USER MNT displays.
  2. Press MENU 1/Menu 2 until DRUM CTR RESET displays.
  3. Press ENTER, then press ON-LINE.

How do you reset the drum on OKI b4600?

Re: oki b4600 drum reset ? On the printer press the menu button until you reach MAINT. Then press the item + button until you reach DRUM CT RESET. Then press select.

Where is the toner sensor?

The sensor is located behind a plastic cover on the side of the drum (see below). Remove the plastic cover and give the silver arm a clean with something small and soft (lint free), any toner that has built up on the sensor will be a very fine powder and should be easy to remove.

How do I reset my Oki toner?


  1. Press Menu = printer displays “Paper Menu”
  2. Press Next 4x = printer displays “System Menu”
  3. Press Select 1x = printer displays “Factory Defaults”
  4. Press Next 7x = printer displays “Reset Toner Life”
  5. Press Select 1x = printer displays “Resetting Toner Page Count”
  6. Press Ready.

How to fix an OKI error code 541?

Error 541: Image Drum Sensor Error. Check Image Drum. Something is wrong with the Magenta Image Drum sensor. Uninstall the image drum, and then install it again. If the message persists, uninstall the toner cartridge and install it again. If the toner cartridge is not installed, install it. Press the [Details] button for help. Get Help: Error 542

What to do if you have an OKI error?

Turn off the machine, and then back on. If the same error occurs, contact your dealer. Press [Print] > [Online] on the touch panel. The (STATUS) button turns off when the machine turns online. Data present. Data remains unprinted. Wait for a while and if the message does not disappear, check the data. Deleting data.

How to fix an image drum sensor error?

Press the button (A), and open the output tray (1). Press the toner cartridge of the colour indicated by the error from top, rotate the blue lever on the right side inwards until it stops. Reset the image drum (1) of the colour indicated by the error. Close the output tray (1).

What is error 461 462 463 on Oki?

Error: 461, 462, 463 The size and type of paper set in the machine do not match those indicated on the screen. Use the same size and type of paper selected on the application. Please change MP Tray paper.