How do you revise for GCSE Bitesize?

How to make your revision manageable.

  1. Create a planner. Make sure it includes social activities and breaks.
  2. Break down your revision into manageable sections.
  3. Create a visual record of how those sections are related, using mind-maps or a spider diagram.
  4. Mix up the subjects you’re revising so that you don’t get bored.

How do you revise for GCSE maths?

How to Revise for GCSE Maths: 11 Powerful Learning Tips

  1. What Do I Need to Revise for GCSE Maths?
  2. Revise little and often.
  3. Practice Past Papers.
  4. Attend Revision Sessions.
  5. Join Study Groups.
  6. Take Effective Notes.
  7. Create and Use Flashcards.

What are the best revision techniques for GCSE?

7 Revision Tips to Help Prepare for Your GCSEs

  • Set goals. Setting goals is a great place to start, as this will set the tone for the next few months.
  • Create a realistic revision timetable.
  • Understand your learning style.
  • Take regular breaks.
  • Practice papers are your new best friend!
  • Work in study groups.
  • Mix it up!

How do you do revision in maths?

5 Maths Revision Tips That Really Work

  1. Go through your specification and highlight each topic according to difficulty.
  2. Bunch together past paper questions on a specific topic.
  3. Make flashcards/posters with key formulae/equations.
  4. Do past papers under timed conditions.
  5. Work through questions with friends.

What is the example of revision?

The definition of a revision is the process of changing something or the result of the changes that were made. An example of a revision is a book editor removing unnecessary content from a book. An example of a revision is a book after an editor has removed content from it.

Which is the best website for revision for GCSE?

Mr Barton has also written a very useful post with links to GCSE Questions and Revision Materials called the Revision Takeaway. Hopefully I will find time to add to this blog post with the many more resources I have found, however I feel the above is a good start for any teacher looking for useful resources.

How to do quick wit revision in maths?

Quick Wit revision allows students the opportunity to practise several questions in an extended starter. To advance on this you could provide a mark guide and ask the students to see how many marks they can get in x amount of time. Many students believe a product revision session is doing billions of questions.

Which is the best revision material for maths?

These multiple choice questions challenge the students concept and understanding of the mathematics to the highest level. Mr Barton has also written a very useful post with links to GCSE Questions and Revision Materials called the Revision Takeaway.

Where can I find BBC Bitesize exam board content?

Exam board content from BBC Bitesize for students in England, Northern Ireland or Wales. Choose the exam specification that matches the one you study.