How many I points are on Wedge island?

The island features 6 “i Points” which are collected during the games “Flyover” mode.

Where is the diving spot on island flyover?

The Diving Spot is located behind the Private Island. You can only access it in Island Flyover and Power Cruising (free ride).

How many white balloons are there in Island Flyover?

Approximately half of the total balloons are white, and there are over 10,000 total balloons, so this reward is quite difficult to obtain. Hidden categories: Pages to merge. Articles lacking sources from August 2017.

How many people live on Wuhu?

The population is around 400-600 Miis. The island appears to be rather green.

Where do you get ipoints in Island Flyover?

All the iPoints collected in Island Flyover. An iPoint being collected at Palm Boulevard. iPoints are small medals found in the Air Sports minigame Island Flyover in Wii Sports Resort and in the Flight Mode in Pilotwings Resort .

Where are all the ipoints in Pilotwings Resort?

In Pilotwings Resort, some of the iPoints from Wii Sports Resort are removed, accordingly seven new iPoints are added. 1. Barnacle Arch 2. Basketball Court 3. Beginner’s Archery Area 4. Beginner’s Wakeboarding Area 5. Bowling Alley 6. Broken Clock Tower 7. Cabana Lagoon 8. Camel Rock 9. Cedar Tree Tunnel 10. Cliffside Ruins 11.

Can you see your path on Island Flyover?

There is no map while you fly, but you can see your path after you finish you five minute flight. Pro Tip: At the “Select a Mii” screen before the event starts, hold 2 while pressing A to choose “OK.” You can let go of 2 when you see the black warning / info screen.

How long do you fly in Island Flyover?

In Island Flyover you’ll be able to fly freely for five minutes, exploring Wuhu island and its environs. As you collect i Points, you’ll be able to fly at different times of day and perform new tricks. You’ll also be able to shoot balloons once you unlock them.