How many series of Mystery Diners are there?

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Is Mystery Diners still on the air?

Restaurant owners use undercover surveillance to spy on their employees, whom they suspect are not doing their jobs. There are no TV Airings of Mystery Diners in the next 14 days.

Is mystery diner set up?

This show is scripted and staged. They must find their actors through Craigslist because the acting is so bad they are getting exactly what they’ve paid for.

When did Mystery Diners end?

27 April 2016
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Why is Mystery Diners fake?

The production values are basically zero, the ‘restauranteurs’ and their ‘staff’ are acting school dropouts and the situations depicted are so unlikely as to be impossible. ‘Mystery Diners’ is so fake that it loops back around to being real again, leading us to question our own reality rather than the show.

Does Netflix have Mystery Diners?

Restaurant owners call a company, called “mystery diners”, when/if they are suspicious about their employees. Sometimes they steal or treat customers badly etc… The company will set up ……Mystery Diners – (2014) – Netflix.

Available Since: 17 Sep 2016

Are the people in mystery diners real?

A disclaimer at the end of the credits reads, “The people and events depicted in this program are real. Certain events may have been re-enacted for dramatic purposes.”

Where can u watch Mystery Diners?


  • Netflix.
  • Disney+

Who are the owners of the Mystery Diners?

Luca, owner of Riemma Kitchen Warehouse, asks Charles Stiles for help after his customers find food inside the factory-sealed appliances they just purchased. Mystery Diner Jamie goes Nirav, owner of Smokin’ Barrel in Hoboken, N.J., contacts Charles Stiles to investigate after noticing a decline in sales every holiday season.

When did Mystery Diners season 9 come out?

Beginning in Season 9, Mystery Diners made changes to its format including the addition of private investigators, new technology, new graphics and opening credits, and advanced equipment.

Why was 4 months later added to Mystery Diners?

The “Four Months Later” update element was dropped as time went on and the segment took on the generic “Restaurant Update” heading, as the program was able to economize their editing process to turn-around an episode in much less time than the earlier seasons. Prod.

Where does Charles Stiles go on Mystery Diners?

In this special episode of Mystery Diners, Charles Stiles and his undercover team risk it all to bust the boss! For the first time ever, the sting is conducted from inside the restaurant to